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News of ANTARI

October 28th, 2011 Posted in General Tags: ,


F-3 Fazer Flightcase 230V900W - 51702680Keep dry!

With the F-3 Antari shows the answer to the question how a modern and sophisticated fazer should be equipped. At first, it’s the housing which catches the eye. Thanks to the case covering the unit is very sturdy, can easily be transported and stacked.
But the modern and silent air pump system is even more remarkable. This system produces an unbelievable dry fog leaving no residue. Even the heater stays dry and thus can achieve a much longer lifespan. Moreover, the fluid consumption is considerably low – 1 liter provides five hours of fogging.

Antari HZ-350 Hazer w/wireless Remote - 51702685Control needs no cable

The HZ-350 Hazer is a concession to customers demanding a reliable and comfortable radio control. Et voilà, the newly designed transmitter perfectly fits the hand and has an operating distance of up to 50 meters. That should be enough a distance for most applications. Its options with only two buttons (on/off) is kept easy with intent. Easy is the keyword, as the innovative LCD control offers a clear and uncomplicated structure. It allows users to set the hazer directly by just moving their fingertips. Simple – but convincing.

Box lifts automatically

October 19th, 2011 Posted in OMNITRONIC Tags: , ,

Boxenhochständer LF-01

Everybody who’s a band member should know how hard it can be to lift up a speaker box – really nothing to enjoy. But Omnitronic produces relief with its LF-01. By virtue of its integrated gas spring the stand alleviates installation dramatically.

Once placed on the stand the self-lifting weight system will do the rest – even up to a load of 25 kg. Simply release the locking screw and the speaker will rise as if by an invisible hand. Having reached the appropriate height the speaker can be arrested by turning the screw a second time. Only low effort is needed to bring down the speaker once again.

The LF-01 is made of aluminum and can carry a maximum of 40 kg. So, even when you’re mounting a 40 kg speaker, the gas spring will carry 25 kg – it’s just the difference you have to lift up yourself. There is no need to make life difficult, is it?

Omnitronic LF-01 60004111a Omnitronic LF-01 60004111b Omnitronic LF-01 60004111c

Bent, not broken

October 18th, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , ,

EUROLITE LED RibbonFlexibility is their major trump: now, our LED ribbons are even more flexible, as we reduced prices…

There are several articles which a real steady runners within the installation section. LED rubber lights surely are part of this group. But it’s no surprise, because of their flexible material and even light output the light belts are pleasantly welcomed guests. In addition, installation is really simple as well.

We have reduced prices of numerous Eurolite LED ribbons. It concerns all single-colored versions, outdoor models included.

EUROLITE LED Ribbon EUROLITE LED Ribbon Read more »

Do You Know It´s Christmas Time?

October 11th, 2011 Posted in EUROPALMS Tags: ,


X-mas-special 2011Europalms offers a great choice of special Christmas products. Decorate retail shops, Christmas parties, lobbies and the like. Don’t waste tame and get yourself the seasonal articles in time.

Click on the picture and take a look at the X-MAS SPECIAL (only German version). More than 140 are waiting for you. When you log in the secured dealers area you can download the mailing with the product prices imprinted.

Bright and dark

October 6th, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , ,


With a dimmer you can adjust the brightness according to the situation. But our LED dimmer is a special one. It is equipped with 8 outputs, which can be controlled separately per DMX. A feature really not every dimmer comes up with.

The different devices can hence be switched to the outputs and can be controlled individually. The number of the connected devices varies depending on the voltage and the amperage. The total power output of the EUROLITE AT_DIMM 8 DMX Dimmer adds up to 6 ampere at 24 volts.

Perfect surroundings for the AT-DIMM 8 are the gastronomy or retail shops for permanent installation. These special fields often see demands for brightness adjustments. Thanks to our dimmer you can always respond in a quick and flexible manner. Read more »