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First quality sound from PSSO in Flensburg’s Fördehalle

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On August, 31st 2014 the fifth „MOBI“ adventure day took place at the Fördehalle Flensburg. More than 1000 participants came to break the national Zumba record. The sound came from a CLA from PSSO.

The event’s patron, the minister of the interior from Schleswig-Holstein Andreas Breitner, was more than satisfied by the sound: „We have never had such a good sound in this hall before.“

MOBI-Tag Flensburg

Initial situation: A stage was erected at the large side of the hall. Several live bands of different music styles (soul, rock, hip hop) had gigs there, additionally there were speeches and moderation parts.

Used were: 2 x flying bass, 8 x top, 2 x K-182

Monitoring: 4 x PAS-212 and 2 x K-212

Zone end sound: 2 x PAS-212 without delay

MOBI-Tag Flensburg 2

The event a real success. Thanks to Ulf Dupke from PMN-Events for sharing these images with us!

Little Helpers from Omnitronic – Part II

Little Helper

In the second part we’d like to present you the remaining “Little Helpers” from Omnitronic. After we have focused on DI-Boxes, isolators, cable testers and signal switchers in the first part, it’s now about mini mixers and preamplifiers.

First comes the passive mini mixer OMNITRONIC LH-010, that can distribute the signal of four audio sources to one output. That makes it possible to create simple submixes or small mixers which can be extended with some channels for an additional group, for example for multitrack recordings or spot microphones. Another possibility is the use on stages to connect multiple guitars at the same time to avoid switching and disturbing noises during a concert. Different output levels of several guitars can already be adjusted in the run-up to a performance. Due to its passive construction, the LH-010 can also be used as 1 to 4 splitter, for example to supply multiple active speakers with the same signal without looping through all speakers. With two LH-010 the output signal of a mixer can be split for further processing in different media (PA, webcam, records, etc). Read more »

Little Helper from Omnitronic – Part I

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Little Helper

Let’s talk about the so called „Little Helpers“ from Omnitronic. They have already simplified or even saved quite a few events. In the first part of our series we are concentrating on devices which can rather be found on live settings. Installation and studio environment are the topics of the second part.

It is probably the absolute classic assistant in event industry: the DI-Box (DI means “direct injection”, sometimes also “direct input”). On live stages the DI-Box has to complete three missions at once. First of all, impedance transformation. To directly supply a signal from keyboards, synthesizers, electric guitars or basses into the multicore and finally into the FOH mixer, the very high-resistant output impedance of these instruments has to be transformed. Normally, an electric guitar has an output impedance of several thousand ohms whereas a microphone features only a few hundred ohms. Now, the DI-Box, from a technical point of view, transforms an instrument signal into a microphone signal – thus preparing the signal for further processing in a mixer. The inputs of the instruments’ amplifiers are equipped accordingly and thereby don’t have to be supplied with a transformed signal. Because of this it is possible to simultaneously tap the input signal of the DI-Box and to feed it into the amplifier, which is mostly used as stage monitor. Read more »

Steinigke Ice Bucket Challenge

September 2nd, 2014 Posted in General

Yes, we also got nominated. And of course we accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge. As we had way too many volunteers who wanted to get wet, we had to pick our candidate by mere chance. See for yourself who was the lucky one…


Of course we also donate for a good cause. Our donation goes to “Station Regenbogen” in Würzburg, a charity association that cares for children sick with cancer and tumors.