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Germany: Which frequencies will be safe to use?

December 29th, 2015 Posted in General, worth knowing Tags: , , ,

Regarding wireless (radio) microphones, a lot has changed during the last years in Germany. The frequencies that had been used for event technology before were sold to cell phone networks. Those now operate LTE on it.

So new frequency ranges had to be found, new systems were developed and bought. For everybody who wants to know the details or needs a little help in the djungle of frequencies, here’s an overview of future safe frequencies*:


Private users – no license required

At the moment, the following frequencies can be used without license:

  • 1492 – 1518 MHz (LTE mid gap)
  • 1785 – 1805 MHz (LTE mid gap)
  • 2400 – 2485,5 MHz (world wide license free WIFI range)
  • 5150 – 5350 MHz (world wide license free WIFI range)
  • 5470 – 5750 MHz (world wide license free WIFI range)

These frequency ranges are safe until 2026.

License free ranges, which end on December 31st, 2015:

  • 790 – 814 MHz
  • 833 – 862 MHz

These frequency ranges are massively reduced by the ongoing roll-out of LTE. As of now, the operation of microphones is not longer legal in this range in Germany. Interferences will occur. We recommend to replace these systems soon.

Professional users – license required

For professional use like broadcasting, touring, fixed installations and ambitious hobby bands, the following frequencies can be used. A license is always required here:

  • 470 – 608 MHz (future safe)
  • 614 – 703 MHz (future safe)
  • 703 – 733 MHz (only usable until 2017, illegal as of 2020)
  • 733 – 758 MHz (probably usable with license)
    In this range, we offer the following systems:
    Omnitronic: 13061092 and 13055092Relacart HRRelacart T-31
  • 758 – 823 MHz (only usable until 2017, illegal as of 2020)

In general, the license is valid for all these ranges. As phone network operators will use the frequencies above 694 MHz step by step, we recommend to buy systems, which work under 694 MHz.

Licenses are granted by the Bundesnetzagentur in Germany. Licensing is 130 € for each unit (that means all systems that are combined in one flight case. As there is only one certificate for each license, the system can not be divided for several events afterwards).

There are additional fees of 10 € each year for each license.

Public institutions like schools and churches are partly exempt from fees.

*The facts mentioned above are all valid for Germany only. For the regulations in your country, please check with local authorities.

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