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Eurolite with new premium line

March 3rd, 2014 Posted in General Tags: , ,

Eurolite presents Zeitgeist, a new premium line, in Frankfurt. Under this name, Eurolite will bring out new devices that meet customers’ specific wishes and try to reflect the zeitgeist optimally.

6 products will be featured at the Prolight+Sound under the label Zeitgeist, three spots and three fog machines. With the first spots, Eurolite reacted to the demand for big and powerful, yet quiet LED spots.

Zeitgeist Spot

Eurolite Zeitgeist

Extraordinary colors

The Zeitgeist-150, -180 and -210 come in big, professionally processed housings and offer considerable light performance. But the LEDs are special, too: The 210 version is equipped with seven 30 W COB LEDs, which makes it perfect as a matrix effect as well as for demanding light jobs. The Zeitgeist-150 houses an incredibly powerful 150 W COB LED. And the Zeitgeist-180 opens a totally new color dimension with 6in1 LEDs: red, green, blue, white, amber and UV serve as basis and enable a never before seen color mixture. Especially when UV light is mixed in, entirely new color impressions emerge.

High quality fog machines

High quality and clearly made for the professional sector: Fog machines from Zeitgeist unite functionality and optics in a special way: The machines are equipped with powerful heating units with over 1000 Watts, the high quality material which is used is designed for great reliability. With their classy matt black metal housing, the foggers spearhead the Eurolite fog machines and are primarily designed for professional users.

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