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Technology for a good cause

At the benefit musical gala in Heidenheim this June, top musical stars performed at no charge : The total proceeds were donated to the support initiative for children with tumors or leukemia in Ulm. Steinigke Showtechnic provided the event with stage technology free of cost.
The sum of 6000 € could now be given to the support group for children with tumors or leukemia by the association “musical sehnsucht e.V.”. This was made possible by the voluntary engagement of all contributors. Not only the internationally known musical stars like Zodwa Selele (known from “Sister Act”) and Kasper Holmboe (“Les Miserables”) performed without pay; even the technical lighting and stage equipment was provided for free by Steinigke Showtechnic. Over 500 spectators let themselves be taken away into the world of musicals.

Musical Gala 3 web_klein

Andreas Zöllner, employee of Steinigke Showtechnic and born in Heidenheim himself, developed the lighting concept for the gala. Used on stage were spots of the brands Eurolite and Futurelight; the stage design consisted of trussing from Alutruss and decorational elements from Europalms.
For the year 2017, a new benefit gala is already envisaged – the event will then take place for the fifth time. Steinigke Showtechnic will again support the work for the good cause with technical equipment.

For more information about the benefit musical gala, please see A video of the gala can be found here.

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PSSO on board!

June 17th, 2016 Posted in General, PSSO, References Tags: , ,

In the old port of Würzburg, one of the most popular clubs has let go its anchor – literally:

„The boat“ is a former pleasure boat. It opened its doors for the first time on April 4th, 1996 in the Frankonian wine city. Since then, Würzburg’s party people have been celebrating each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night until the early morning hours, dancing to charts, house music, hip hop, the 80s and 90s.BOOT_2

On the turntables, regionally known DJs spin the discs. Even some star DJs have already been giving a guest performance on one of the 3 floors.

The dance floor of the „middle deck“ is filled with sound by four Prime-10 CX coaxial speakers and one K-182 subwoofer by PSSO. In the „machine room“, two PSSO Sub-2180 provide a good basic and on the sun deck, speakers of the brand Omnitronic are used.

We met general manager Nikolaus Zimmermann for a short interview. Being the boss, he has special demands for the sound equipment installed in his club.

What were the considerations you had before buying a sound system for the three floors in your club? What was important for you?

Nikolaus Zimmermann: Good sound is the most important thing in a club. That’s why we set store by good sound. With the PSSO top parts, clean mids and highs are realized. The K-182 as well as the SUB-2180 guarantee for powerful, clean bass.

It’s also an advantage for a club like us that we could buy amplifiers, controllers and other parts of our PA from one supplier. This way, a good interaction between the components is made sure – nothing cumbers problem-free party nights then.BOOT_4


Why did you choose products of PSSO? Which speakers and amplifiers did you install?

Nikolaus Zimmermann: We decided to use PSSO, as the speakers are of good quality at a fair price. Especially the high-quality components of the K- and Prime-series convinced us. At the moment, we have two PSSO Sub-2180 as subwoofers in the machine room and one PSSO K-182 on the middle deck. Highs and mids are provided by four PSSO Prime 10-CX coaxial speakers. Plus, we installed several PSSO amplifiers. One HP-2400 and several HSP-1000.

Some clubs don’t pay much attention to good sound nowadays, as they say that most people wouldn’t care. What do you think about that as a club owner yourself?

Nikolaus Zimmermann: The PA system is the heart of each club. Of course, other technical components like the light system is also important. But in the end, what really matters is the sound. That’s why we decided to use high-quality components, to provide the best possible sound experience for our guests. Besides that, I personally think that people do care about good sound and appreciate it.

When can our readers listen to the good sound of the PSSO system at your club the next time?

Nikolaus Zimmermann: We’re open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Special opening times and all important info can also be found on our website as well as on our Facebook page and in our app.

Thanks a lot for this interview. Party people of Würzburg, have fun on the boat!

This interview was recorded by Simon Alsheimer. Images taken by






Omnitronic DD-5220L: Turntables stand up to the DJ test

January 20th, 2016 Posted in General, OMNITRONIC Tags: , ,

German producer Sleepwalker („Samy Deluxe – Weck Mich Auf“) scrutinized the Omnitronic DD-5220L. After his detailed test, he concludes: „Get them immediately!“

Omnitronic DD-5220L

High quality and robust

First of all, the looks of the turntables scored: „Just set up, the turntables stand on my desk in splendid black and I have to say, they look pretty wicked. Everything makes a high quality, robust impression. And with their weight of 11 kg, the new colleagues stand on my DJ desk solidly.“ But not only the optics impressed:

No difference to expensive devices

Of course, Sleepwalker set great store by the sound of the turntables. For testing the quality of the DD-5220L, he made them compete against some famous colleagues:
„So I unscrewed my Stanton sample system and recorded the same disc first with the Omnitronics and then with my Technics SL 1210 MK2. After I adjusted the volume for a few decibels, I could not hear any difference in several comparisons. The song sounded absolutely identically on both systems. Test passed.“

Omnitronic DD-5220L Detail

Scratching and sampling

For really putting the turntables through their paces regarding their scratching possibilities, Sleepwalker brought in another professional. DJ Mirko Machine took time to make the needle dance on the disc. His conclusion: „Great. The needle lies in the groove perfectly. The tightening of the turntable is hundred percent and you can’t say anything negative about it. The pitch fader feels excellent.“

Thanks to the various possibilities the turntables offer regarding playback speed and the integrated line out, Sleepwalker also totally recommends the DD-5220L for sampling.

Conclusion: Get them immediately

After the extensive test, the producer came to a very positive result and even compared the Omnitronic DD-5220L with popular, expensive devices:

„I have to say, I really like the DD-5220L DJ turntables! During the short time in which I could test the device, everything went fantastically and I could integrate the table into my studio setup without any problems. Omnitronic doesn’t need to hide from the competition and they don’t raise the bar too high with 445 €, I think. Regarding the latest price for a Technics device, 2300 €, I say: Get them immediately!“

Germany: Which frequencies will be safe to use?

December 29th, 2015 Posted in General, worth knowing Tags: , , ,

Regarding wireless (radio) microphones, a lot has changed during the last years in Germany. The frequencies that had been used for event technology before were sold to cell phone networks. Those now operate LTE on it.

So new frequency ranges had to be found, new systems were developed and bought. For everybody who wants to know the details or needs a little help in the djungle of frequencies, here’s an overview of future safe frequencies*:


Private users – no license required

At the moment, the following frequencies can be used without license:

  • 1492 – 1518 MHz (LTE mid gap)
  • 1785 – 1805 MHz (LTE mid gap)
  • 2400 – 2485,5 MHz (world wide license free WIFI range)
  • 5150 – 5350 MHz (world wide license free WIFI range)
  • 5470 – 5750 MHz (world wide license free WIFI range)

These frequency ranges are safe until 2026.

License free ranges, which end on December 31st, 2015:

  • 790 – 814 MHz
  • 833 – 862 MHz

These frequency ranges are massively reduced by the ongoing roll-out of LTE. As of now, the operation of microphones is not longer legal in this range in Germany. Interferences will occur. We recommend to replace these systems soon.

Professional users – license required

For professional use like broadcasting, touring, fixed installations and ambitious hobby bands, the following frequencies can be used. A license is always required here:

  • 470 – 608 MHz (future safe)
  • 614 – 703 MHz (future safe)
  • 703 – 733 MHz (only usable until 2017, illegal as of 2020)
  • 733 – 758 MHz (probably usable with license)
    In this range, we offer the following systems:
    Omnitronic: 13061092 and 13055092Relacart HRRelacart T-31
  • 758 – 823 MHz (only usable until 2017, illegal as of 2020)

In general, the license is valid for all these ranges. As phone network operators will use the frequencies above 694 MHz step by step, we recommend to buy systems, which work under 694 MHz.

Licenses are granted by the Bundesnetzagentur in Germany. Licensing is 130 € for each unit (that means all systems that are combined in one flight case. As there is only one certificate for each license, the system can not be divided for several events afterwards).

There are additional fees of 10 € each year for each license.

Public institutions like schools and churches are partly exempt from fees.

*The facts mentioned above are all valid for Germany only. For the regulations in your country, please check with local authorities.

For more information, also see .

Ambient light for open air movies

August 25th, 2015 Posted in EUROLITE, Events, General, News Tags: ,

Warm summer nights under the open sky, movies and light installations. At the open air cinema “Festungsflimmern” in Würzburg, the organizers not only offered an attractive selection of movies. There were also great lighting ideas: For example an ambient light for the big screen.

The fortress Marienberg is a historical backdrop. Of course it lends itselfthen to light up the old walls, corridors and trenches. That was exactly what the organizers of the company „°die eine… event“ did – with numerous Eurolite spots. A special idea was to install a background light similar to the ambient light of TV screens, which increasesthe projection surface for the eye and blendsthe scenery in the overall view harmoniously.

Festungsflimmern 1

This idea was realized with Eurolite IP Pads. In the bigger outdoor movie theater, big trees behind the screen served as projection surface. In the smaller theater, the ivy-coveredwalls servedas reflecting object. Nicolas Manger, initiator of the open air movies, is happy with the effect: „We just tried it. The spots are really powerful, so we could light up all our backdropswith just a few devices.“

Festungsflimmern 2

At the fifth edition of the event, 25 movies from „Moulin Rouge“ to „Wild Tales“ attracted more than 11 000 visitors. Prior to the movies, bands and musicians performed and spread festival atmosphere. This year, the team of 25 helpers was confronted with rain in the first days and then heat of 40°C – but that was not a problem for humans nor technology. Thanks to IP equipment, the Eurolite spots still shone when German musician Andreas Kümmert played in the rain and people danced in front of the stage in rain capes.

Installed were 12 LED IP Pads with 24x8W QCL, 12 LED IP Pars 24x3W TCL, 20 LED IP T1000 RGB 10mm and 5 LED IP FL-150 COB 3000K 120°.