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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

December 22nd, 2010 Posted in General Tags:

We wish everybody a merry Christmas and a good start in 2011. Moreover, we would like to say thank you…

Thank you sincerely for the confidence placed in us and for the close cooperation on all levels. Only by this means we can be successful together – thanks!

Hopefully, you’ll come to rest and you’re able to recharge your batteries for next years. A wonderful time and all the best!

Opening hours over Christmas and New Year’s Day

December 16th, 2010 Posted in General Tags: ,

Special holidays around Christmas and New Year’s Day require special opening hours. Here are the days our availability is restricted.

Until Wednesday 23 December the company will be open as usual from 8:30 to 18. We have closed on Friday 24 December. From Monday 27 December to Wednesday 30 the opening hours are as normal, from 8:30 to 18. On New Year’s Eve however, the company will be open from 8:30 to 13. From Monday 3 January everything goes back to normal – except the Twelfth Day on Thursday 6 January, when our company will be closed as well.

Check the PSSO Line Array on site

September 23rd, 2010 Posted in General, PSSO Tags: , ,

You would like to listen to the PSSO Line Array? Now, you’ve got he opportunity. On Monday, September 27 and on Tuesday, September 28 the CLA is installed at our headquarters in Waldbüttelbrunn.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – a saying which is also true for audio systems. That’s why we are offering you the possibility to carefully survey our special version. Just come to Waldbüttelbrunn and get a live impression of the Compact Line Array (CLA).
Just contact Markus Fromm (e-mail: / phone: 0049-931-4061-638) and make an appointment.

You can see and here the same setup like at the Independence Day.

8 pcs. PSSO CLA-118 LINE ARRAY Floor-Subwoofer

4 pcs. PSSO CLA-115 LINE ARRAY Subwoofer

16 pcs. PSSO CLA-228 LINE ARRAY Tops

2 pcs. PSSO HP-1400 Endstufe, 2×700W/4Ohm

3 pcs. PSSO HP-2400 Endstufe, 2×1200W/4Ohm

2 pcs. PSSO HP-3200 Endstufe, 2×1600W/4Ohm

1 pcs. PSSO DXO-48 digitaler Systemcontroller

I like Steinigke Showtechnic

June 28th, 2010 Posted in General Tags:

Who regularly visits our blog, has already found it for sure. The Steinigke Blog has got a direct conection to Facebook with its new “like” buttons. Now you can’t just be a fan of our Steinigke fanside, as it was called earlier, now you can show others which blogmessages you like.

If the “like” button is clicked, every one of your friends can read what you like on your Facebook profil. It doesn’t matter if it is our fanside on Facebook or our blogmessages. So you can inform your friend about what could be interessting to them. Of course you can although see in our blogmessages which blogmessages your friends already like.

You can although find a Facebook box on the right side of this blog which tells you how much fans we have already got and which activities will be set free by the new “like” button. How many people shared blogmessages on their profil and who likes which messages.All in all at one look.

In the future you will be able to comment our messages right away, which will although be posted on your facebook profil, if you like it to. Of course,you can see here too which friends of yours have already commented. To use all of those Facebook functions you have to be logged in. But that’s something everybody know for sure.

You can test how the “like” works right here. Have fun!


Viruses in DMX-chains detected

April 1st, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE, FUTURELIGHT, General Tags: ,

As scientists of the University of Helsinki have now found out, much of the currently used spots in the event technology are infected with the insidious Tenebrae virus.
The bug is spreading particularly over unsecured DMX networks, and then implanting into the operating system of the host device. Particularly vulnerable are five pole data lines, because the virus is actually spreading very quickly on the two unused heads, said Prof. Dr. Lucido Alumbrado of the Prima-Lux Faculty in Helsinki. But wireless networks are also at high risk according to the study.
With his colleagues Alumbrado could demonstrate for the first time that phenomena such as excessive heat radiation as well as uneven distribution of light, and temporary changes in color temperature can be evidence of Tenebrae. Other symptoms include, according to the research team effects such as stray light, signal reflections on the control line and the denial of hot restrike.
In the final stage the Tenebrae virus may also be known as the Planckian locus, in conjunction with black body radiation, so Alumbrado further. In cooperation with technicians from Steinigke Showtechnic from Waldbüttelbrunn in Würzburg the scientists succeeded in developing a set of luminaires that are resistant to the virus. New devices from Futurelight and Eurolite use innovative security techniques such as shutter and correction filters that are designed to prevent an attack by the virus on the data line. A residual blackout is avoided by special multiplexer and molybdenum films. An installed Hauckian basket to the DMX Interface can increase the security against virus attacks even further.