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Remarkable brightness in a small package – the Eurolite LED TMH-3

February 5th, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE, General Tags: , , , , ,


Multifunctional moving heads with modern LED technology and very compact dimensions are getting increasingly brighter and less expensive – and ever more popular. Eurolite goes along with this trend and presents the new LED TMH-3.

The Eurolite LED TMH-3 comes with all characteristics a modern moving light in this class needs: the built-in 30-watt LED is state of the art and guarantees a remarkable brightness thanks to its high grade of efficiency. Yet the dimensions are considerably small and power consumption is low. The LED TMH-3 only needs a small base area of 265 millimeters in diameter and is ultra-light with its 7 kilograms. Power consumption is low at 100 watts maximum.

Eurolite’s small moving head features a color wheel with seven primary colors. Furthermore, it has a gobo wheel consisting of six varied designed rotating gobos. The beam angle of the focusable objective lens is 12°. The TMH-3 can be set up as desired or installed pretty much everywhere via its integrated mounting plate.

When compared to compact spot lights the TMH-3 is just as good. This is true at least for direct competitors with 250-watt halogen lamps (ELC 24 volts) or HTI discharge lamps. Yet in terms of energy and maintenance costs the opponents are outshined by the TMH-3.

The product family is completed by a bright washlight with 36 LEDs (EUROLITE TMH-4) and a matrix projector for impressive beam effects with 64 LEDs (EUROLITE TMH-5).

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[youtube X4s9LqRbvs4]

Opening hours over Christmas and New Year’s Eve

December 14th, 2009 Posted in General

1befcabcChristmas is all around, also at Steinigke. Special holidays require special opening hours. Here are the days our availability is restricted.

Until Wednesday 23 December the company will be open as usual from 8:30 to 18. We have closed on Thursday 24 December and Friday 25. From Monday 28 December to Wednesday 30 the opening hours are as normal, from 8:30 to 18. On New Year’s Eve however, the company will be open from 8:30 to 13. Friday 1 January will be closed. From Monday 4 January everything goes back to normal – except the Twelfth Day on Wednesday 6 January, when our company will be closed as well.

OMNITRONIC / EUROLITE christmas contest part 2

December 7th, 2009 Posted in EUROLITE, General, OMNITRONIC Tags: ,

Weihnachtsfrau1The christmas contest by OMNITRONIC and EUROLITE enter the next round.

Many interesting items were drawn last week already in our first contest and the winners have been notified. Who are the lucky ones, what they won and how it is in our raffle-series continues as usual, you learn on one of our YouTube channel. First of all it’s also worth again this week to participate. The new video for participation is already online. So turn on brains and participate.

Here are the direct links to our YouTube channels where you can find our new contest-video:



And don´t forget. Only if you have subscribed to one of these channels and sends in the solution of our riddle puzzle you can be a winner at least.

New competition by Steinigke

November 27th, 2009 Posted in General Tags: , , ,

Weihnachtsfrau1Our last Twitter contests finished and the winner has already received their prize from us. Congratulations once again. Of course, we will report the experiences of the winner about his OMNITRONIC MMC-1.

After we and all the participants felt about this idea of a raffle in conjunction with Twitter as well, we have decided to start another sweepstake. This time, the profits will still be a little exuberant participate, so it is worth even more. But this time we will no longer be so easy to emerge victorious. The last game was simply a matter of retweet one tweet, which was set by ourselves. Of course that was easy.

It will not be so easy this time. It is certain that another Twitter account will be necessary. But you should look, if you have already saved our YouTube channel in your bookmarks. Because so much was mentioned here before: it will go, among other things, at one of our videos stored there. You will then see an oddly dressed man, and it will be resolved in any equation.

Whichever style, but the exact procedure, we will announce here and on all of us kept platforms like Twitter, Facebook, News on etc. more precisely. Check us regularly and you can be one of the first players there. Here is a brief overview where you can read about us.

I almost forgot to mention when it starts. I can only say: “Stay tuned …”

APC-1500 Audio Power Conditioner: Clean and safe!

October 27th, 2009 Posted in General Tags: , , , , ,

The power coming out of the jack always is the same and always is clean, isn’t it? Sorry to disappoint you, when you are in agreement with this, because it’s not the case. Power from the jack undergoes fluctuations. Irregularities occur, which might endanger the working process and the devices’ security. But there is an efficient protection, especially for players and the peripheral devices of audio installations in clubs or bars: the APC APC-1500 Audio Power Conditioner. It’s not only “flattening” the power, balancing variations and thus creating ideal conditions – just by a cleaner power a mixer can work more properly and improve the sound. The APC prevents blackouts, brownouts, drop-outs, overvoltage, surge, frequency deviations and the like. Any blackouts can actually be effectively precluded as the the APC’s battery functions as cushion.

Technical specifications:

Power supply: 170 – 270 V AC, 50/60 Hz ~
Output voltage: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz ~
Output power: 1500 VA, 1000 W
Autonomy time: 6 minutes at nominal load
Batteries: 3 x 12 V, 9.5 Ah
Type: lead-acid, maintenance-free, 5 years expected lifetime
Communication: RS 232, USB, SUB D9
Protection connectors: coax, telephone (RJ11)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 495 x 425 x 95
Weight: 27 kg