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Built Your Own Dream Guitar: With the DIMAVERY DIY Guitar Construction Kit

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There have been many different guitar shapes created in guitar history: The range goes from the classic T, ST and LP styles to V and Explorer shapes and even really unusual shapes like a cross between V and SG types. And it gets even more adventurous: Remember ZZ Top’s fur guitars or Prince’s “Love Symbol” guitar?

It is very intriguing for a lot of guitar players to play a guitar with its own, individual and outstanding design. If you’re not exactly a luthier or able to pay five-digit sums, it usually remains a dream.

Build your own guitar with a DIMAVERY construction kit

But there actually is a very easy way for you to get your own, self-designed guitar: You can build and design your own ST or T-style guitar with the DIMAVERY DIY guitar construction kit. You don’t even need much technical knowledge: Everything you need for assembly is a screwdriver, a soldering iron, and some solder. And there are many really easy and creative possibilities for you to design your guitar.

Blogeintrag Dimavery Gitarren 1

The construction kits are geared towards beginners and creative tinkerers who always wanted to develop their own guitar. Thanks to their ST- and T-style, they offer the best compromise between playability, diversity of sound and simple assembly.
The kits are completely pre-prepared, no more grinding or priming necessary. But even before painting the guitar, there is room for creativity by shaping the body and headstock to your own taste, providing there is enough wood left for pickups and electronics (and some wood for tone). The
n finally there are a couple possible ways to design the guitar in color:

Blogeintrag Dimavery Gitarren 2Design your guitar 

Limits are only set by your own imagination. You can lacquer the guitar traditionally and finish it with clear lacquer, but also just stain it and preserve the nice wood grain. Or how about swirling? That way, you can create really nice colorful or even psychedelic color patterns. With a little bit of time and preparation, you will create a unique guitar on your own.

Technical equipment

The guitars are equipped in traditional ST and T-style: Three single coil pickups with a five-way blade, two tone and one volume potis on the ST models; two single coils, three-way-blade, one tone and one volume poti on the TL model. The electronics are completely pre-installed, you don’t have to install anything. Simply place the pickguards on to the pre-drilled holes. Only the open cables have to be soldered, no problem with a little practice.

Good guitars, as individual as you

Ultimately, the DIMAVERY DIY ST-10, ST-20, and TL-10 guitars are very good instruments. The wutong body, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard make the ST-10 very lightweight and give it a clear sound. The basswood body of the ST-20 and TL-10 gives them a smooth and versatile sound with nice mids. The DIY guitar construction kits are perfectly suited for beginners and ambitious tinkerers who always had wanted to build and design their very own guitar.


See here, how easy building your own guitar is. 



Lots of sound without frets: Dimavery MM-501 fretless

January 28th, 2016 Posted in DIMAVERY, worth knowing Tags: , ,

For decades, it defined the sound of some of the most famous and influential bands and songs in pop, jazz, funk or metal. But still, not many bass players try it: The fretless bass still is a special feature, but also a challenge.

What makes it hard to play for many, is also its main characteristic feature: The fretless fingerboard can be a challenge. Good knowledge of the fingerboard and a well-trained ear are necessary to hit the notes accurately. While there are frets on a regular electric bass to mark and ensure the accuracy of the note, on a fretless bass there is – nothing. Every move of the fingertip affects the sound of the note. This can be critical, but also makes unique sounds and playing techniques possible.

Some of the most well-known bass players in pop and rock music have immortalized themselves in many legendary songs with their use of the fretless bass: In Paul Youngs 80s hit “Wherever I Lay My Hat”, it’s Pino Palladino’s fretless bass line that makes this song unforgettable. Sting’s “Englishman In New York” features the characteristic fretless sound – not unlike an upright bass. And then there is of course Jaco Pastorius, legendary bass player of the equally legendary band Weather Report. Dubbed by many world-famous bass players as the best bass player of all time, he revolutionized bass playing with his unique technique. But the fretless bass is also present in modern heavy rock music, for example in the progressive rock music of Porcupine Tree and their bass player Colin Edwin.

Within the DIMAVERY range, we have the MM-501 Fretless, which can create that characteristic singing sound. It excels through its high quality, good playability and flexibility in all musical styles. The flat and comfortable maple neck makes for well-defined low frequencies, but also fine and clear highs. The basswood body takes care of the mid-oriented, smooth balance. The single big-block humbucker pickup produces the perfectly clear sound with the characteristic growling yet singing fretless tone. The passive controls regulate volume, bass and treble.

The bass journal BassQuarterly writes about our DIMAVERY MM-501 Fretless:

With the MM-501, Dimavery presents a tonally authentic instrument for beginners. Playing a few notes on the naturally harmonic sounding and well-worked MM-501 demonstrates a stable vibration behavior, solid tonality in all pitches, while the sound of the MM-501 starts singing, if you’re determined to let it do so. An insider tip for all beginners, players on a budget and bass modders!” (BassQuarterly 4/2014)

Anyone who has ever wanted to try out a fretless bass will find the perfect beginners’ model in our DIMAVERY MM-501 Fretless Bass. At first, it might not be that easy and probably will take some getting used to, but in the end, the reward is great variety in sound and stylistic flexibility which only a fretless bass can provide.


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When does a German band realize, that they’ve made it? At the very latest, when they play at the Wacken, the biggest metal festival in the world. The guys from nulldB have made it – 2013, their band name is listed on the line-up next to giants like Alice Cooper, Rammstein and Nightwish.


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Eight tons, eight hours – A new lift truck moves into the high rack warehouse

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Everything is new in – march. At least in the high rack warehouse at Steinigke: Recently, a new lift truck moved in there, which had become more and more necessary over time. The two older lift trucks really needed relief.

For constructing the „new one“, not only some helping hands were necessary. Two special trucks were required for moving the new lift truck’s eight tons of mass to the right place. After eight hours of work, the new „colleague“ stood there in its full size.

It doesn’t take eight hours though to watch the video of the truck construction. Here’s the video of the 1:50-minute-round up of the day: Read more »

A Jill for every Jack

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Transport cases are no luxury goods, they are an essential component – at least for everybody who doesn’t use the devices for permanent installation. Anyone who takes his loudspeaker systems, his spots or the like on tour, who rents them or uses them for diverse events appreciates a good transport case.

A good case offers the appropriate space for the respective devices. To find such a case is easier said than done, because many cases are not designed for the real dimensions of the devices. The aftermath: the devices slip, fall over and thus can be severely damaged. Read more »