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Simply upgrading your Eurolite KLS Sets

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You don’t need DMX to control a KLS an four additional spots – you only need a DMX line…

EUROLITE FP-1A DMX line, a spot with 3 DMX channels and the Eurolite FP-1 foot pedal, to be more precise. Sound strange, but it is not at all. A maximum of four spot have to be connected to the DMX out of the KLS and then lopped through (it works with KLS- 200, 401, 801, 1001). Everything is controlled with the foot pedal in a kind of Master/Slave mode.

Necessary requirement, the spot’s 3 channel DMX mode needs the following starting addresses:

Synchronic to panel 1 of the respective KLS: starting address 4
Synchronic to panel 2 of the respective KLS: starting address 7
Synchronic to panel 3 of the respective KLS: starting address 10
Synchronic to panel 4 of the respective KLS: starting address 13


Functionality of the foot switch remains unchanged: blackout, freeze, sound control, auto program.

Here are some of our spots which can be connected:
EUROLITE PAR-64 RGB 36x1W Short sil

To those who cannot call a KLS their own we recommend to take a look at our 8 KLS Kombo Packs. With the Kombo Pack 7 we also offer an alternative without DMX.

Scanner with LED or halogen?

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Scanner Halogen LED

Scanners also offer the choice. The choice between conventional or new technology: halogen or LED. We show you, which devices are comparable. The final decision, which way to go in the future is not ours, it is up to you…

Compared to static effects scanners feature a benefit. Due to the mirror deflaction the light beams have wider operating range. Moreover, the show gets more dynamic with the motion of the mirrors. But how to create this dynamic action, with halogen or LED? After all, it is a given fact, that considering the light power. LEDs have closed the ranks a can replace halogen models easily. We show you which models can be compared and thus are exchangeable.

Halogen model LED model
Eurolite TS-2  


Eurolite LED TSL-100  


20 W LED versus 100 Watt halogen. The LED can easily compete with the halogen lamp.
Color wheel with 12 colors, 2 bicolor color filter and white
Gobo wheel with 12 gobos, open and shutter
Manual focus
DMX channels: 5
Power supply: 115 W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 295 x 195 x 290 mm
Weight: 4 kg
8 dichroic colors plus white
Gobo wheel with 8 static gobos plus open
Manual focus
DMX channels: 8
Power supply: 50 W
Weight: 6 kg
The LED TSL-200 offers the same light power and many similar features as the LED TSL-100. But the bigger brother has rotating gobos.
Eurolite TS-5  


Eurolite LED TSL-300  


Despite the crucial watt difference, the LED with 60 watts can easily compete with a halogen opponent with 250 watts.
Color wheel with 11 dichroic color filters and white
Gobo wheel with 9 gobos and open
DMX channels: 5
Electronic dimmer
Power supply: 300 W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 525 x 260 x 300 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Color wheel with 8 dichroic color filters and white
Gobo wheel with 8 static gobos plus open
DMX channels: 6
Electronic dimmer
Power supply: 120 W
Dimension (LxBxH): 550 x 295 x 310 mm
Weight: 6 kg
The LED TSL-400 offers the same light power and many similar features as the LED TSL-300. But the bigger brother has rotating gobos.


By the way, when you are looking for cheap LED effects with mirror deflection you should take a look at the Eurolite LED PD series or the Eurolite LED TWS-10. Also our new flowers with mirror (Eurolite LED MFS-100) and with mirror barrel should not be forgotten.


November 22nd, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , , , ,

Eurolite SLS

It’s the popular KLS which has paved the path for Slim Line Spots. The KLS has been the first successful attempt to replace bulky PAR spots by compact and flat ones – on a bar with 4 spots abreast. As is well known, the concept has been a raving success. As a logic consequence we also transformed the form of single spots – the SLS were born.

Obvious advantages of the SLS: they are slim. Compared to common PAR spots they considerably save space. For this reason they are much more flexible and handy. This is also true for installation, stock ground and transport – for most SLS we sell special cases which are smaller and cheaper than those for PAR spots. In the end, the design can save money.

Meanwhile Eurolite has build up a very rich assortment full of different spots. An assortment which is continuously enlarged. Every delivery finally includes a double bracket enabling an additional use as floor spot. Beside the different sizes of the spots the main differences can be seen in the illuminants. A choice of single LEDs, bicolor, tricolor and quadcolor LEDs is offered.
You can compare the spots in the list below. Read more »

IP standard-compliant solutions for light

November 8th, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE, FUTURELIGHT Tags: , , , , ,

Let It Rain

Outdoor lighting has to withstand the rain. Whether at concerts or as architectural illuminations, the rain must not infiltrate spots or moving lights. To calmly cope with your outdoor tasks Steinigke offers numerous solutions which are based on the international IP Code.
Weatherproof spots are standard.

51914191a An overview of our ample assortment can be found here:

80503500a In the field of LED walls we are also able to present rainproof versions. The populare Pixel Mesh, for example, is also offered as outdoor model:



80503210 The flexible LSD curtains are also suited for outdoor use:


51837220a Even non rainproof units like some moving heads, scanners or such can be used outdoors without any danger of damage. At this point Outdoor Domes function as transparent covers:


51702805a A prime example for a special solution: the Antari IP-1000. Also fog machines can be operated when it’s raining. This version with 1000 watt has a cable remote control and an external tank which is connected with a tube.


50498641 Deco articles such as LED balls, garden spots for plugging or fountain spots top off the huge choice.


Give Me Five – part 2

November 3rd, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , ,

Give Me Five

Follow the industry’s number one in the matter of RGBAW effects on another journey. More RGBAW effects are waiting for you. The result of the special LED mixture is the projection of clear white and orange. The color diversity is impressively enriched – for the first time this is also true for a PAR spot.

Say hello to the new members of GIVE ME FIVE:

51918612 EUROLITE LED MF-100 Flower effect 

RGBAW flower effect with 3 W LEDs

[tubepress video=”cuiqzXbMeSc”]

Read more »