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Viruses in DMX-chains detected

April 1st, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE, FUTURELIGHT, General Tags: ,

As scientists of the University of Helsinki have now found out, much of the currently used spots in the event technology are infected with the insidious Tenebrae virus.
The bug is spreading particularly over unsecured DMX networks, and then implanting into the operating system of the host device. Particularly vulnerable are five pole data lines, because the virus is actually spreading very quickly on the two unused heads, said Prof. Dr. Lucido Alumbrado of the Prima-Lux Faculty in Helsinki. But wireless networks are also at high risk according to the study.
With his colleagues Alumbrado could demonstrate for the first time that phenomena such as excessive heat radiation as well as uneven distribution of light, and temporary changes in color temperature can be evidence of Tenebrae. Other symptoms include, according to the research team effects such as stray light, signal reflections on the control line and the denial of hot restrike.
In the final stage the Tenebrae virus may also be known as the Planckian locus, in conjunction with black body radiation, so Alumbrado further. In cooperation with technicians from Steinigke Showtechnic from Waldbüttelbrunn in Würzburg the scientists succeeded in developing a set of luminaires that are resistant to the virus. New devices from Futurelight and Eurolite use innovative security techniques such as shutter and correction filters that are designed to prevent an attack by the virus on the data line. A residual blackout is avoided by special multiplexer and molybdenum films. An installed Hauckian basket to the DMX Interface can increase the security against virus attacks even further.

Futurelight EYE-60 – LED there be Washlight!

February 23rd, 2010 Posted in FUTURELIGHT Tags: , , ,

51841337fFuturelight now offers a more compact version of its flagship EYE-108 RGBW – the new LED moving head EYE-60 RGBW. The EYE-60 comes with all features that have made its older brother a convincing tool for all professional light designers.

The EYE-60 just like the EYE-108 offers high luminosity at a low weight and low energy consumption as well as trendsetting color mixing out of the four components red, green, blue, and white for even more color mixing options. Adding a fourth primary color brings a variable color temperature. The difference between the two state-of-the-art multifunctional spots is the number of 3-watt LEDs that was reduced from 108 to 60 (22 x red, 17 x green, 15 x blue, and 6 x white). This equals 250 watts with standard spots with discharge lamps.

Up to 14 EYE-60 RGBW can be operated with a single 16-ampere IEC outlet and including the suspension weigh only a little more than 100 kilograms. This makes the washlight most suitable for a sophisticated light design even on small stages or at crowded venues with limited budget and power supply. With its compact size, running smoothness even at high speed, and high luminosity the EYE-60 RGBW is applicable particularly for galas and fairs, and is simply a must as economic alternative for rental companies and light designers that need to set value on parameters like brightness, weight, power consumption, and speed.

All settings on the washlight can be made quite easily and are well readable thanks to its clearly arranged LCD screen. The ESDC function (easy service data check) of the battery-backed control panel ensures the readout of operating hours and various other parameters at any time – even without mains supply. A time-saving feature for rental companies often faced with a large number of devices.

The EYE-60 RGBW weighs less than 8 kilograms and can be operated at 100 to 240 volts due to its switch mode power supply. Power consumption is at 250 watts maximum. Further highlights of the new spot are a versatile strobe effect with up to 25 flashes per second, a random function, and not less than 56 programmed scenes for the operation without controller. Music control can be done via the built-in microphone at any time. The LED’s beam angle is 28°.

Since 2004, the washlights of Futurelight’s EYE range have been reflecting the zeitgeist with the best available technology. Currently, a more favorably priced range is also available besides the EYE-60 RGBW and the EYE-108 RGBW: the EYE-90 RGB, the EYE-54 TCL, and the EYE-36 MK2. LED there be Washlight!

[youtube 1eUEotioBt0]

Prolight & Sound 2010 in Frankfurt

Steinigke_ProlightSound-08_01The days are passing by and the preparation for ‘Prolight & Sound 2010’ in Frankfurt is in full activity. In our fairoffice and fairstoreroom is a coming and going of our staffmembers, who planned our booth and it’s almost impossible to understand your own words. Everybody builts, puzzles and plans.

Also the production of the new catalog is in time because of our busy members.
In spite of the many news we will be able to give our customers a lot of information-material in this year.
Which products are new in our programm, you will get to know directly at our new location in hall 11, stall A11 and A05 of the fairground Frankfurt.24th 03 till 27th 03 2010 you can experience our captial additions as well as the product of your fairteams’ hard work.
But till then there’s a lot to do and we are looking forward to salute you at “our fair”.

Steinigke Showtechnic goes more and more into the direction Web 2.0

ScreenThose who have followed us last year, have certainly recognized some changes. On the homepage of our shop are for examples some recent tweets shown that provides you with news from our company. But there is just a selection of information reported. The whole informationtail you can look up directly on our diffrent Twitter-Accounts. Here we collected our news for you in german and as well in english. If you don’t have a Twitter Account yet and don’t want to miss out on our news you can just read them easily as a RSS-Feed in your prefered Feed-Reader.

For everyone who is on Facebook we have made some fanpages of our brands. Here you also get the necessary information about our company, our brands and even about individual products. Become a fan of our LSD-curtains for example and invite others to become a fan of us.

When it’s about moved pictures you should check out our YouTube channels. Watch our latest product-videos and rate them. On our all in all four channles you can find more than 450 videos in total by now.

And you can not only watch them but also integrate them in your own online shop, wesite or auction to inform your costumers as well about how a product works or looks like when it is in action.

And of course we have our blog for you that will inform you about us and our products in every detail.

But the most important with all those internet platforms is: They don’t only work one-sided but make it possible to participate in the things that are happening. Comment our blog-posts, rate our videos, answer our Tweets etc., because then we can all profit by them.

The ones who aren’t that well versed in these modern instruments are also very welcomed at ours. We are pleased to stand by your side to explain you every detail as good as we can. If you tinker with the idea to use this platform for your comany too we would be pleased to share our experiences with you. You can approach us for that. We will also be at Prolight & Sound to inform you about this subject.

Rocktent Nürnberg

DSC_0029Folk festivals enjoy a long standing tradition in Germany. Everywhere in the country, these celebrations abound. Generally with many carnival rides, tossing and shooting galleries, concession stands and the obligatory beer tents. It’s no different at the Nürnberg folk festival. Every spring and fall, the folk festival takes place at the Nürnberger Dutzendteich Park and attracts round about four million visitors. Somewhat bigger than a parish fair. Yet not only is the size of the spring and fall festival notable. Where musical entertainment is concerned, the operators offer something truly unique with their rocktent. Seating for 6,000 on over 3,300 m². A different band plays every night. And the tent is full nearly every night. No wonder. Especially the youth often wish for an alternative to the classical brass and wind ensembles. And this rocktent successfully offers just such a diversion. The rocktent has been an integral part of the folk festival world for the past 17 years and has meanwhile developed by leaps and bounds into a real attraction, without which modern folk festivals would be unthinkable. Sadis Event Management Service has organized the rocktent since 2008. Responsible for the realization is Christian Sandmann. A good selection of bands isn’t the only thing important to him. The right illumination to put the bands in the limelight is equally important. “A good show needs good music and good lighting” asserts Christian Sandmann. He therefore puts special trust in EUROLITE and FUTURELIGHT brand products on his 30 meter wide stage. “A large stage demands versatile and assertive equipment, and with EUROLITE and FUTURELIGHT I’ve got a good set-up“ so Christian Sandmann. The bands are enthusiastic about the illumination as well, he explains. Not surprising, judging from the deployed arsenal of lighting effects. This year the stage was lit-up with over 50 PAR spotlights, countless moving heads, among which the new FUTURELIGHT Eye-36 could be found, and a pixel mesh in four parts. Additional installations included audience blinders, theater spots, strobes and effect lighting. Next spring it will start all over again. Visitors will come to the folk festival, stream into the rocktent, and surely be thrilled with the music and the lighting. Who says traditional and modern ways of life can’t complement one another? The folk festival in
Nürnberg proves it can work.

Employed products:
24 Units Eurolite LED Pixel Mesh No. 80503110
8 x Futurelight PHS-260 No. 51838199
8 x Eurolite LED Par-56 TCL No. 51913930
24 x Eurolite Par-36 Spot No. 50800405
2 x Futurelight Eye-36 MK2 No. 51841328
2 x Eurolite 4 x Par-36 Audience Blinder No. 42103422
4 x Eurolite 8 x Par-36 Audience Blinder No. 42103438
2 x Eurolite Super Strobe 2700 No. 52202176
2 x Eurolite Theatre 300/500 No. 41900520
20 x Eurolite LED Par-64 RGB Spot No. 51913634
8 x Eurolite Par 56 Profi Spot No. 42000550
2 x Eurolite FL-1200 Flame-Light No. 51114420