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Telescopic stands – We explain

May 2nd, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE, OMNITRONIC Tags: , ,

Omnitronic Handauszugstative

Why do our telescopic stands carry only 18 kg? Because we always meet DIN requirements, but there are alternatives…the speaker system stands LF-01 and LF-01L with gas spring, which are exclusively available only here at Steinigke.
Do our stands like Eurolite A1, STV-20 or STV-40 really carry only 18 kg? No, in general they are able to carry heavier weights. But at Steinigke all products are strictly examined according to the German DIN requirements and DIN 1560-27 says that telescopic stands may only carry weights up to 18 kg. Due to this fact we declare the standardized carrying capacity, not the real capacity – unlike other manufacturers.

Surely there are alternatives when you don’t want to work with winch stands but need more than 18 kg to be carried: the gas spring stand LF-01 lifting speakers automatically. Read more »

Omnitronic DXO-26E – successful debut

March 31st, 2011 Posted in News, OMNITRONIC, Product news Tags: , , , , ,

Although the conditions were slightly unequal: the PA-controller Omnitronic DXO-26E stood its ground in the test of German magazine “tools4music”. Some of the competitors have been far more expensive, but the Omnitronic controller “Made in Germany” could, surprisingly, convince with positive measurement values.

Testers Christian Boche and Stefan Kosmalla were astonished by the good test results of this inexpensive audio controller. They gave it a positive ranking as they could not find a weak point in the measurements. Read more »

Steinigke at EuroShop in Düsseldorf

EuroshopIt is the global trade fair for store construction, store arrangement and booth construction: EuroShop in Düsseldorf. From February 26 to March 3 Steinigke will be present with its own stand. Visit us in hall 10 at stand F11.

Due to our wide-ranging assortment, it is easy for us to present a huge choice of products to the EuroShop audience. So, focus in Düsseldorf lies on illumination and sound solutions, truss systems and decoration options for store and boot construction.

Do you like to arrange an appointment with a member of our sales team? Please contact Sascha Fischer – e-mail:; phone: 0049-931-4061-634.

Link to EuroShop:

prolight+sound 2011 in Frankfurt

Prolight+Sound 2011Soon, it’s that time again. The international showtechnic industry meets at the most important trade fair of the year. Note down this event and visit us in Frankfurt from April 6 to 9.

Like every year, it’s really worth to stop by. Many new products are waiting for you. You can look forward to an expansion of the KLS systems and the DJ controllers, to a huge choice of LED light effects with RGBAW, to new mixing amplifiers, … .

Pay us a visit and let yourself be surprised. To avoid needless waiting periods we recommend to make appointment with our staff in advance. If you like to meet somebody of the sales department please write to or contact your accountant manager.

You’ll find us, just like last year, in hall 11.0, hallway A, stand 11 and 05.

Prolight+Sound 2011Site plan prolight+sound 2011

The Facebook event site of the prolight+sound you can find here.

New frequencies, new microphones – upgrade of Omnitronic’s 1000 series

Omnitronic adapts the wireless systems of its 1000 series to the new frequencies. In the course of this conversion, the series was given a little facelift as well. The new components are already available.

Possibly there was no other issue the industry has discussed as hot as the reallocation of radio frequencies. For most users of wireless systems in the UHF range, the auction of the so called “digital dividend” requires a contemporary purchase of new wireless equipment. Although permitted for some more years, old systems will be subject to interference during the test runs of new devices.

That is why Omnitronic offers its popular components of the 1000 series in the new frequency range from 740 to 764 MHz. Besides the change to the new frequencies, the approved technology was put into a slightly different and new look.

Still main items of the series: hand and pocket transmitter HM-1000 and TM-1000, now with the addition “MK2”. The carrier signal of the PLL multifrequency transmitter can be switched in steps of 125 kHz each. Altogether, there are almost 200 different frequencies available. The transmitters’ signal level is comfortably adjustable. A displays always shows the battery status. To avoid undesired changes by users and accidental shutdowns, a lock function has been integrated. The pocket transmitter can be used with several optional microphones, either headsets or lavaliers.

Both transmitters possess an operation range of 100 meters. Up to 16 transmission systems on different frequencies may be used at the same time. The frequency table provided will help with the setup.

The receiver DR-1000 MK2 comes with an automatic frequency scan and can be installed in a standard 19″ rack via an optional mounting frame. The antenna booster AB-1000 as well as the antenna distributor UA-1000 for multichannel operation are still available.

Omnitronic HM-1000 13055092

OMNITRONIC HM-1000 MK II Wireless microphone

Omnitronic TM-1000 13055511

OMNITRONIC TM-1000 MK II Pocket transmitter

Omnitronic DR-1000 13061092

OMNITRONIC DR-1000 MK II Wireless receiver

Omnitronic AB-1000 13063030

OMNITRONIC AB-1000 Antenna booster

Omnitroni UA-1000 13063020

OMNITRONIC UA-1000 Antenna distributor

Frequency table

Group A Group B Group C Group D
1 744.250 1 740.750 1 741.125 1 740.625
2 745.500 2 741.375 2 741.750 2 741.125
3 746.500 3 743.125 3 742.625 3 741.875
4 747.125 4 744.000 4 743.750 4 743.625
5 748.250 5 745.250 5 744.500 5 745.875
6 749.125 6 746.250 6 746.125 6 747.125
7 750.500 7 746.875 7 746.875 7 747.875
8 753.500 8 748.000 8 748.250 8 749.125
9 754.250 9 748.875 9 749.000 9 750.875
10 755.875 10 750.250 10 750.875 10 751.375
11 757.000 11 753.250 11 754.500 11 752.875
12 758.500 12 754.000 12 755.875 12 753.375
13 759.000 13 755.625 13 756.625 13 754.125
14 760.750 14 756.750 14 757.750 14 756.250
15 761.750 15 758.250 15 758.375 15 757.625
16 763.250 16 763.750 16 763.750 16 763.625

Press Release as PDF