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Technology for a good cause

At the benefit musical gala in Heidenheim this June, top musical stars performed at no charge : The total proceeds were donated to the support initiative for children with tumors or leukemia in Ulm. Steinigke Showtechnic provided the event with stage technology free of cost.
The sum of 6000 € could now be given to the support group for children with tumors or leukemia by the association “musical sehnsucht e.V.”. This was made possible by the voluntary engagement of all contributors. Not only the internationally known musical stars like Zodwa Selele (known from “Sister Act”) and Kasper Holmboe (“Les Miserables”) performed without pay; even the technical lighting and stage equipment was provided for free by Steinigke Showtechnic. Over 500 spectators let themselves be taken away into the world of musicals.

Musical Gala 3 web_klein

Andreas Zöllner, employee of Steinigke Showtechnic and born in Heidenheim himself, developed the lighting concept for the gala. Used on stage were spots of the brands Eurolite and Futurelight; the stage design consisted of trussing from Alutruss and decorational elements from Europalms.
For the year 2017, a new benefit gala is already envisaged – the event will then take place for the fifth time. Steinigke Showtechnic will again support the work for the good cause with technical equipment.

For more information about the benefit musical gala, please see A video of the gala can be found here.

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PSSO on board!

June 17th, 2016 Posted in General, PSSO, References Tags: , ,

In the old port of Würzburg, one of the most popular clubs has let go its anchor – literally:

„The boat“ is a former pleasure boat. It opened its doors for the first time on April 4th, 1996 in the Frankonian wine city. Since then, Würzburg’s party people have been celebrating each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night until the early morning hours, dancing to charts, house music, hip hop, the 80s and 90s.BOOT_2

On the turntables, regionally known DJs spin the discs. Even some star DJs have already been giving a guest performance on one of the 3 floors.

The dance floor of the „middle deck“ is filled with sound by four Prime-10 CX coaxial speakers and one K-182 subwoofer by PSSO. In the „machine room“, two PSSO Sub-2180 provide a good basic and on the sun deck, speakers of the brand Omnitronic are used.

We met general manager Nikolaus Zimmermann for a short interview. Being the boss, he has special demands for the sound equipment installed in his club.

What were the considerations you had before buying a sound system for the three floors in your club? What was important for you?

Nikolaus Zimmermann: Good sound is the most important thing in a club. That’s why we set store by good sound. With the PSSO top parts, clean mids and highs are realized. The K-182 as well as the SUB-2180 guarantee for powerful, clean bass.

It’s also an advantage for a club like us that we could buy amplifiers, controllers and other parts of our PA from one supplier. This way, a good interaction between the components is made sure – nothing cumbers problem-free party nights then.BOOT_4


Why did you choose products of PSSO? Which speakers and amplifiers did you install?

Nikolaus Zimmermann: We decided to use PSSO, as the speakers are of good quality at a fair price. Especially the high-quality components of the K- and Prime-series convinced us. At the moment, we have two PSSO Sub-2180 as subwoofers in the machine room and one PSSO K-182 on the middle deck. Highs and mids are provided by four PSSO Prime 10-CX coaxial speakers. Plus, we installed several PSSO amplifiers. One HP-2400 and several HSP-1000.

Some clubs don’t pay much attention to good sound nowadays, as they say that most people wouldn’t care. What do you think about that as a club owner yourself?

Nikolaus Zimmermann: The PA system is the heart of each club. Of course, other technical components like the light system is also important. But in the end, what really matters is the sound. That’s why we decided to use high-quality components, to provide the best possible sound experience for our guests. Besides that, I personally think that people do care about good sound and appreciate it.

When can our readers listen to the good sound of the PSSO system at your club the next time?

Nikolaus Zimmermann: We’re open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Special opening times and all important info can also be found on our website as well as on our Facebook page and in our app.

Thanks a lot for this interview. Party people of Würzburg, have fun on the boat!

This interview was recorded by Simon Alsheimer. Images taken by






First quality sound from PSSO in Flensburg’s Fördehalle

September 10th, 2014 Posted in PSSO, References Tags: ,

On August, 31st 2014 the fifth „MOBI“ adventure day took place at the Fördehalle Flensburg. More than 1000 participants came to break the national Zumba record. The sound came from a CLA from PSSO.

The event’s patron, the minister of the interior from Schleswig-Holstein Andreas Breitner, was more than satisfied by the sound: „We have never had such a good sound in this hall before.“

MOBI-Tag Flensburg

Initial situation: A stage was erected at the large side of the hall. Several live bands of different music styles (soul, rock, hip hop) had gigs there, additionally there were speeches and moderation parts.

Used were: 2 x flying bass, 8 x top, 2 x K-182

Monitoring: 4 x PAS-212 and 2 x K-212

Zone end sound: 2 x PAS-212 without delay

MOBI-Tag Flensburg 2

The event a real success. Thanks to Ulf Dupke from PMN-Events for sharing these images with us!

CLAIRE on tour with Steinigke

August 19th, 2014 Posted in News, References Tags: , ,


CLAIRE is a newcomer electro pop band from Germany. The band of five young people from Munich brought their debut album “The great escape” to the stage and were supported by Steinigke Showtechnic.


The band CLAIRE startet off as a project and had their first success on the Internet before they found their way on the stage. In 2014, they achieved their breakthrough – with their first own tour and the Ray-Ban Polarized Tour, which took them on the road through Germany. Always with them: The equipment from Steinigke Showtechnic.


Used on both tours were 4 Eurolite PMC-16x30W and 4 Futurelight PLB-230 Moving Heads.




Eurolite in Las Vegas

July 22nd, 2014 Posted in EUROLITE, Press releases, References Tags: , ,

The Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas is the biggest Electric Dance Music (EDM) Festival in the world. In 2014, more than 400 000 visitors from 40 countries came to the festival site in three nights. They were dazzled amongst others things by hundreds of Eurolite spotlights.

EDC 2014

EDC 2014

It is the mixture of music and light installations, which makes the EDC Las Vegas so unique. Featured in this year’s light installation were numerous Eurolite Audience Blinders with COB technology – they had their major performance on the main stage, the Kinetic Field.

Stage as high as seven storys

The field was dominated by the biggest stage ever constructed in the USA. On a width of more than 130 meters and more than seven storys, over 1000 light effects were mounted – among them more than 1000 square meters of only video panels. The Audience Blinders from Eurolite were spread all over the stage as warm white dots.

2.5 millions Watts for one stage

Steve Lieberman, responsible light designer of the “Kinetic Field”, relied on the power of 2.5 million Watts to make the main stage shine brutally bright this year. In comparison: The three stages at “Rock am Ring” had a power consumption of 650 000 Watts – altogether.

The LEDs around the main attractions were controlled by MADRIX Ultimate.

Seven stages were offered to the dance-crazed crowd – on three of them, Eurolite products were used; including hundreds of PMC-16, meanwhile regular EDC guests since last year.

Who’s Who of electronic music

In 2014, EDC took place for the fourth time in Las Vegas and attracted visitors from 40 countries into the gamblers’ city. The line-up read like a who’s who of electronic music: Show acts from Avicii and Afrojack to Carl Cox and Tiesto provided entertainment for the masses.

For more information about the EDC and images, see: