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Just for the show – at least that is true for the latest Eurolite theater spots

July 14th, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE, Product news Tags: , ,

Eurolite Theatre Spot

The world of theater is unique and therefore has special demands considering illumination. Demands which we have taken into account during construction phases.

EUROLITE LED Theatre 36x3W CW/WWAt the SHOWTECH fair in Berlin we have already shown that LED technology has taken a step forward  also in the field of theater productions. One example: the LED Theatre with 36 LEDs (3 watts each). Especially interesting: the combination of the LEDs. It’s split into 18 cool white and 18 warm white diodes. By this means, the stage can shine in color temperatures from 3000 to 7000 K – depending on the respective mood. Too cool LEDs belong to history, on theater stages too.

EUROLITE LED CLS-18 QCL RGBW 18x8W 12°  A very comfortable solution for illuminating mobile theater stages or school stages, the Eurolite LED CLS-18, a compact lighting system with QCLs (4in1 LEDs). Serving as floodlight it can both be placed on the ground and mounted to a stand – simply place a stand with a CLS-18 on both sides of the stage, connect them, done. Thanks to the 18 quadcolor LEDs (8 watts each) the lighting technician can use the numerous color options to perfectly match the situation – by the way, without causing RGB shades or such. The QCLs produce clear colors, even at small distances.

EUROLITE LED ML-56 QCL RGBW/RGBA 18x8W swAnother QCL spot: the Eurolite LED ML-56 – also a very talented temperature detector showinga new color variety within LED spots. Key to the wide color illustration is the unconventional assembly of the 18 multichip diodes. Besides RGB, 12 of the chips show an additional white LED. The remaining 6 however, are split in RGB and amber. Thanks to the interaction of white and amber dues the basic colors can gradually be reproduced warmer or colder. By this means you also get a real luscious red – often a problem. Even a clear orange, a little bit weaker than the other colors, can be realized.

EUROLITE Profil-Spot 650W 20-40° Still, spots with conventional illuminants are not completely out of fashion. Just take a look at the classic Eurolite Profile Spot with 650 watts. It concentrates its very own skills: the very warm shining color, the manually adjustable radiation angle from 20° to 40°, the 4 shutter blades cutting the beam’s shape and the handle at the back end – the latter enabling the use as follow spot in smaller scales.

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