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The great little men

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Eurolite TMH-3.1

A complete family which leaves nothing to be desired. Everyone will find his favorite here. Voilà, the Eurolite TMH series…

Compact moving heads with LEDs have already established a huge fan base. That is hardly surprising because the robust lightweights provide numerous application possibilities – although being very economical and low at maintenance.

That makes our representatives, the TMH family, most appropriate for small and average tasks like meeting places with limited electrical and mechanical resources or mobile usage.

The TMH family by Eurolite contains seven different moving heads and is therefore most adaptable. Our family can be divided into three spot and three washlights as well as one Matrix effect. Below we will briefly introduce our models to you. For a detailed description click the respective link below.

TMH-31_51785976Eurolite LED TMH-3.1

The built-in LED with 30 watts output is state of the art and reaches, thanks to it high efficiency, a powerful brightness – the spotlight can easily compete with 250-watt halogen lamps as well as with equally powerful gas discharge lamps. The TMH-3.1 is the successor of the TMH-3. It weighs seven kilograms and is about 20 percent brighter and another 20 percent less noisy than its predecessor.

TMH-6_51785962Eurolite LED TMH-6

The smallest spotlight of the family. Only weighing 3.6 kilograms, the spotlight really is a lightweight and most flexible one, especially considering the installation. Another highlight: the 15 watts powered tricolor LED, which makes it possible for the TMH-6 to do without the common color wheel.

TMH-10_51785965Eurolite LED TMH-10

The biggest spotlight of the family. The TMH-10 is equipped with a 60-watt high performance LED. Its weight is under 8 kilograms and therefore still very low. The features of our patriarch are very rich. Besides the gobo wheel with its six rotating gobos, it features a three-facet prism.

TMH-4_51785985Eurolite LED TMH-4

The oldest of our existing washlights. It has several RGB LEDs. Altogether it provides 36 LEDs with one watt each. The distribution: twelve red, green and blue LEDs each. Weighing only 6 kilograms, it is a tribute to the compact class.

TMH-7_51785973Eurolite LED TMH-7

The first washlight of the TMH family which includes tricolor LEDs. It provides 18 TCLs with 3 watts each for its operator. It is the lowest-priced washlight as well as the smallest one of the whole family. 3 kilograms for a moving spotlight is remarkably low.

TMH-11_51785966Eurolite LED TMH-11

Its 12 tricolor LEDs with 9 watts each are responsible for this representative to be the most powerful washlight of this family. Despite its high-performance and rich features its weight with only 6 kilograms remains very low – a trademark of this series.

TMH-5_51785995Eurolite LED TMH-5

A matrix effect for even more variations – no classical spot or washer. The LED TMH-5 is equipped with 64 x 5 mm LEDs: each 24 red and green as well as 16 blue ones. Its weight of 5.6 kilograms again hits the benchmark of this weight class.

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