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Truss lighting made ​​easy

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Who of us has not ever tried to squeeze PAR cans into his trussing, and failed miserably? Either the lights are too big or they can not be fixed securely and they constantly wiggle . If you have fastened them with small, collected sticks somehow, there is still the problem that you can realize only one color.

Conclusion: PAR cans are not to be used for this application!


Our solution: EUROLITE LED Trusslight 24VDC 18x1W

This LED trusslight can be easily integrated into the trussing and also saves energy.






To control four of these brilliant inventions is a optional EUROLITE LED PSU-24V DC available. This controller takes also the power supply.

Detailed descriptions of these two articles and technical data can be found in our online store. Please click the pictures above!

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