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EUROLITE LED Scanner TSL-100 convinces in test

January 8th, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , , ,

There is no denying the result: “All in all, the TSL-100 LED Scan convinces in every aspect.” For its issue to be published on 14 September the magazine Soundcheck tested the new scanner rigorously and gave top grades for the participant. What makes the EUROLITE TSL so special is the illuminating power together with the price, a fact that the trade magazine equally agreed on. According to the testers, currently there are very few LED-run spot lights in this price category that are able to project gobos precisely and with high light output. The EUROLITE LED Scan TSL-100 easily competes with the class off 250 watt halogen devices, states the magazine. No wonder the testers come to a completely positive result in which they praise the good workmanship, the great price performance ratio, the enormous luminosity and the low current consumption! Read more in the next issue of Soundcheck. If you would like to have more information on the TSL visit our website


Burj Dubai invests in Omnitronic products

January 7th, 2010 Posted in OMNITRONIC, References Tags: , , ,

ee1e2c1bThe highest building in the world has now been inaugurated and answers to the name of Burj Khalifa. It has a height of 828 meters, 189 floors, 54 elevators and 1200 power distributors from Omnitronic.

Higher, faster, farther. This is the device Dubai, the emirate on the Persian Gulf, has identified with. Best example therefor: the Burj Khalifa. Not only its height, also its costs from about 1.5 Billion US-Dollars are absolutely gigantic. The several hundreds of thousand square meters are mainly used for apartments, offices and hotel rooms. Only the best material has been used. In the end, the building, which can still be seen from a distance of 100 kilometers, should be a jewel from the outside and the inside. To play it safe concerning the power distribution of the whole tower, the constructors installed 1200 Omnitronic RLD-8 power distributors. The latter have each 8 IEC output plugs at their disposal, can be used for rack installation and deliver a clear view and easy handling via two extricable LEDs – the volt display also operates with LEDs. Another benefit: the 10 A breaker on the front panel. The Burj Khalifa shows that you can confidently trust on Omnitronic if you are planning to fly at a higher game.

A perfect team for a low priced DMX universe

December 15th, 2009 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , , , ,

DMXDo you know our USB-DMX-Interface from EUROLITE?

The EUROLITE USB-DMX-512 interface combines very small dimensions with many functions due to the internal RISC-controller. This controller creates all DMX signals so that the PC and the USB port is not too busy enabling the parallel use of several DMX universes.

Click here to learn more about the EUROLITE USB-DMX-512 interface.


To use this interface you only need the perfect software.

Freestyler is free lighting control software used by many leading dj´s, venues and lighting designers and supported by a vast network of users worldwide.

With this two simple tools you can build a verry low priced DMX universe. The download you can find here.

We want to show you one of the many tutorials we located on YouTube. There are much more of verry interresting videos to learn how this software works.

[youtube _CJgmjyM9Os]

Opening hours over Christmas and New Year’s Eve

December 14th, 2009 Posted in General

1befcabcChristmas is all around, also at Steinigke. Special holidays require special opening hours. Here are the days our availability is restricted.

Until Wednesday 23 December the company will be open as usual from 8:30 to 18. We have closed on Thursday 24 December and Friday 25. From Monday 28 December to Wednesday 30 the opening hours are as normal, from 8:30 to 18. On New Year’s Eve however, the company will be open from 8:30 to 13. Friday 1 January will be closed. From Monday 4 January everything goes back to normal – except the Twelfth Day on Wednesday 6 January, when our company will be closed as well.