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“Practice and enjoy” is the motto of his videos, which he published regularly on YouTube. Here he is testing regular DJ products and gives helpful tips for beginners and advanced students around deejaying. We talk about the German Weddin DJ or just called Vossi.

In this detailed video, he is dedicated to our OMNITRONIC MMC-1 USB-MIDI-Controller incl. DJ-Software Deckadance “House Edition”. Very obvious he explained to his followers the virtues of this device.

[youtube GGfnnvSrSGc]

More informations about our OMNITRONIC MMC-1 you can find here.

Another classic with LED!

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RV-3x3 RGB

There are plenty beam effects. And from time to time they are alike. But there is one attribute, which can be clearly distinguished. The illuminant. Our RV-3×3 has three LEDs (3 Watt) thus representing another spot which is the heir of a conventional colleague with discharge bulb. That’s what many classics have to go through. But there’s no need for sorrow now as the new technology finally offers a bunch of benefits. What does this mean for the RV-3×3? Well, this means that it doesn’t need much electricity although it is really powerful. And due to the the long life expectancy, maintenance is almost buried in oblivion. So lay back and watch the red, green and blue beams exit the six lenses and fulfill their circular movements – they will stay with you for a long time.


[youtube P8Aw8RafwMk]


EUROLITE LED FE-600 RGB DMX : An ocean of beams!

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A spark is enough to trigger off a fire. This means, that small things can have huge impacts as well. It’s an old wisdom which, in the figurative sense, also fits our new LED FE-600. Instead of the spark we got three powerful LEDs (3 watt). The fire finally is displaced by an ocean of beams, which is kind of unique in its own manner. Powered by three small diodes the colorful beams spread all over the room. To control the beam’s movements and the speed of the movements, two possibilities are given. Either via the inbuilt microphone, or with the DMX control. Just as you wish and is appropriate for the occasion. But it doesn’t really matter which setup you choose. The beams exit six lenses and they definitely know how to work the dance floor.


[youtube yUeSz5iTM64]

Test the PSSO Line Array yourself!

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When it’s about sound, individual preferences often are decisive. Now you can try out whether the new PSSO line array appeals to you. Just order your free sample copy and let the Compact Line Array (CLA) convince you.

How and where can you order this sample copy? Very simple. You want to test our line array, then just contact our sales department ( They will be pleased to help you. Please notice the following conditions: you can test the system for two weeks, but you have to collect and to turn it in yourself at our head office.

This compact Line Array system is a professional loudspeaker-system for high demands. The PSSO system boasts with impressive power values, easy and clever installation and the low weight of the plastic cabinets. This series is produced in accordance with German standards and European regulation and with all certificates at hand. The tops are equipped with powerful neodymium drivers and titanium diaphragms. The powerful subwoofers with bass-reflex-system are extremely rugged due to their birch plywood construction.

New article in our assortment! Dimavery LP-700 E-Guitar

October 29th, 2009 Posted in DIMAVERY

Let’s get loud! No problem thanks to our Dimavery LP-700. With this guitar you can allow free play to your feelings. Its characteristic feature: the warm, round sound. But this honey-colored is not only able to play it the hard way. Get inspired by its versatility.

Sometimes the outer appearance may deceive you, but really not in this case. Because this 6-string is more than just good looking. It also sounds good. On the one hand this is due to the fine workmanship, on the other hand due to the materials which are used. So don’t hesitate and get yourself a guitar with a strong character with a warm sound for the cold time of the year.

Construction: set neck
Body: basswood
Neck: maple
Binding: abalone/creme
Fingerboard: rosewood/22 frets
Pickups: 2x humbucker
Controls: 2x volume, 2x tone, 3-way switch
Bridge: tune-o-matic style
Hardware: gold
Color: honey/high gloss

And so the good piece and well protected during transport, we recommend a suitable case.

DIMAVERY ABS-Case for LP guitar