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“Extra hot!“: LED effects with laser

February 10th, 2015 Posted in EUROLITE, News, Press releases, Prolight+Sound Tags: , ,

A lot of hybrid effect devices are cavorting on the market. So far, these have been combinations of acceptable single effects, which made a satisfactory mixture. Now, these effects impress like never before, as their fine tuning is better than ever – and especially the integrated lasers are really convincing.

Just on time prior to the Prolight+Sound 2015, Eurolite now brings three effect devices on the market, which combine well-established LED effects with a laser class M2. That not only saves installation time, but provides perfect use of space – and a colorful light show of course, even at small events.

Choice of three models

You have the choice between a KLS, a hybrid flower effect and an LED bar. If you know the KLS from Eurolite, you can guess that there’s more hidden in a KLS with integrated laser – this representative of the family offers a nearly complete club lighting on one bar: Two derby effects, four strobes and two slim spots share the bar with the laser. The KLS comes pre-assembled in a transport bag.

Almost as well equipped is the FE-1500 Hybrid Laser Flower. The classic flower effect has been fitted with 8 strobe LEDs and a laser and now appears as a colorful bouquet of lights.

The third effect is the LED Laser Bar, offering 190 LEDs. Located in the center of the color changing bar is a laser with the colors red and green.

All three effects can be controlled by DMX. The LED Laser Bar additionally features an infrared remote control – the KLS even comes with a remote control and wireless foot switch.

Saving time and space

All three devices can be installed quickly and bring a party mood even into the smallest locations. This makes them the perfect devices for small rooms as well as for mobile DJs and solo entertainers.

The effects can be seen at the Prolight+Sound 2015 at the booth of Steinigke Showtechnic (hall 11.0. booth A17).

Krazy Town – Dresden

Fortunately, our products can be found in the most different locations. In multi-purpose halls, theaters, discotheques, bars, at school events, concerts, at public places and so on. Thanks to the Krazy Town in Dresden, Germany, our list gets another entry: the Action Chill Lounge. You read correctly. It’s both Action as well as Chill and Lounge.

So, what am I supposed to do in an ActionChill Lounge? In brief, you’ve got diverse options to spend your leisure time in a unique surrounding and with extraordinary activities. Guests can choose between a Segway course (Krazy Segway), a black light miniature golf course (Krazy Golf), a paintball-like laser game (Krazy Magic), an obstacle course, with laser beams as obstacles (Krazy Impossible) and a chillout area to relax – but with several game pads action is also not far away here. And everything in the heart of Dresden, indoors and on one floor.

It’s not really surprising, that Krazy Town’s furnishing and equipment are custom-made. Our partners from Pro Lighting in Aschheim, Germany, had been given the task to realize the design. Pro Lighting chose to work with many Steinigke products, such as several light effects from Eurolite and exclusive plants from Europalms (you can find a detailed list at the end of this report).

The mission was to create an ambiance which matches the choice and emotionally supports the Krazy activities. Let’s take the miniature golf course as example. Normally not an extremely exciting site, but played beneath black light and other light effects this indoor golf is truly extraordinary. In March 2010 Krazy Town opened its doors in the Centrum Galerie in Dresden. Seven or eight months later it’s clear, the unique concept turns out to be a success. It’s not only proven by the fact, that so many people have already payed a visit. The coming opening of other Krazy stores also serves as confirmation. All in all, Dresden’s Krazy Town offers a space of 2700 square meters – enough place for some hundred people. By the way, not only private persons are pleased by this new kind of lounge. More and more companies rent the whole crazy town to present customers as well as employees something really new. That has exactly been the goal of the carriers. Distract people from their daily routine. Mission completed – with the help of Pro Lighting.


70 x tube complete fixture 120cm 36W slim
60 per running metre LED Neon Flex 230V EC – different colours
52 x EUROLITE LED Bar RGB 252/10 40° white
22 x EUROLITE LED PAR-64 RGB Spot, Profi, alu
20 X EUROLITE ERX-4 DMX switchpack
16 x EUROLITE LED flood light 252 RGB
16 x EUROLITE LED PAR-64 RGB Floor, alu, 10mm
12 x EUROLITE LED T-36 RGB Spot, alu, 10mm
6 x EUROLITE LED FL-5 white 3200K 10° IP54
5 x EUROLITE LED FL-5 yellow 10° IP54
3 x EUROLITE LED FL-24 white 3200K 40° IP54
4 x EUROLITE LED FL-24 green 10° IP54
3x Giant Chestnut tree with pot 280cm
2 x EUROLITE LED B-15 black 10W TCL DMX
1 x EUROLITE CL-2 12V/100W black
1 x EUROLITE WF-250 Effekt projektor 24V/250W
1 x FUTURELIGHT EVO-1 gobo projektor
1 x FUTURELIGHT EVO-5 Effekt projektor
1 x Fan palm with thick trunk 15LVS 280 cm