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Overview on subwoofer types


The human ear is mainly adapted to the frequency range where speech is transmitted. Frequencies below this frequency range are less noted although the same physical level is present. In practice, this effect requires higher bass power e. g. by more powerful subwoofers, more subs or a mixture of both. As speakers generally have a low efficiency comparable to a halogen lamp, manufacturers try to achieve the highest efficiency by optimized housing shapes. But not every housing shape is suitable for every event location and audience. The following article should help to find the suitable subwoofer type.

1. Introduction

The loudspeaker celebrates its 150th anniversary based on the invention of the telephone by Philipp Reis in the year 1861. Already in the year 1878, the electro-dynamic loudspeaker was patented. This kind of loudspeaker is still built into most speaker-systems today.

If such a loudspeaker is operated without housing, an acoustic short-circuit is produced because the sound waves produced by both membrane sides are eliminated by each other. The volume is clearly reduced, especially the lower frequencies. A pragmatic use is not possible like this so that diverse types of loudspeaker housings for different applications were developed. Read more »

Entertainment Mixer from Omnitronic

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Entertainment Mixer

Very high standards in quality and features for sound devices – this can often be found in the gastronomy industry. A branch including not only restaurants, but also hotels, bars or theme parks.

With its EM series Omnitronic has developed special devices for this industry. Mixers offering highest flexibility and quality in very small mixer casings.

The EM-series presents a variety of connection possibilities and also convinces by an ergonomic design and easy use.
A special housing design and the state-of-the-art construction are further reasons which make the EM-series the first choice for installers.

Here, an overview over Omnitronic’s Entertainment Mixers:

Item no. 10007071

2-channel/24 bit stereo mixer with two USB interfaces
OMNITRONIC EM-180 USB Entertainment-Mixer

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Omnitronic XMT-1400

Many wished for new tabletops from Omnitronic – now their wishes have been satisfied. The list starts with…

OMNITRONIC XMT-1400 Tabletop CD player.

OMNITRONIC XMT-1400 Tabletop CD playerHaste makes waste – true, it has taken us some time, but finally the first representative of Omnitronic’s tabletops is available. The XMT-1400 is a modern CD player offering numerous possibilities of digital DJing. Beside the classic CDs (Audio CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3-CD) the XMT also welcomes SD(HC) cards and USB storage devices and portable players.

There are many ways to take influence on the music material. Scratching via jog dial is obligatory. In addition to that the XMT offers a reverse run, a break effect, known from analog turntables, a double loop/reloop function and a pitching function. The music’s speed can be accelerated or reduced up to +/- 16 per cent.

A VFD display with a wide angle is responsible for the absolutely sharp illustration of signs and symbols. In combination with the illuminated buttons you always immediately know what’s going on on your workstation and you are able to run the XMT intuitionally. It’s worth a try!

Box lifts automatically

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Boxenhochständer LF-01

Everybody who’s a band member should know how hard it can be to lift up a speaker box – really nothing to enjoy. But Omnitronic produces relief with its LF-01. By virtue of its integrated gas spring the stand alleviates installation dramatically.

Once placed on the stand the self-lifting weight system will do the rest – even up to a load of 25 kg. Simply release the locking screw and the speaker will rise as if by an invisible hand. Having reached the appropriate height the speaker can be arrested by turning the screw a second time. Only low effort is needed to bring down the speaker once again.

The LF-01 is made of aluminum and can carry a maximum of 40 kg. So, even when you’re mounting a 40 kg speaker, the gas spring will carry 25 kg – it’s just the difference you have to lift up yourself. There is no need to make life difficult, is it?

Omnitronic LF-01 60004111a Omnitronic LF-01 60004111b Omnitronic LF-01 60004111c

CobraNet – Faster and more reliable

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Cobra Net, that’s the solution for complex multi-channel installations for the audio field.

There are many solutions for multi-channel installations but not all of them will prove satisfactory. OMNITRONIC presents with its new CobraNet™ transmitters and processors today’s latest approach opening the door to a faster and more reliable audio solution, because existing local area networks (LAN) can be used.

Today the professional audio branch is often confronted with different needs: Fast working, tight schedules, low budgets and complex tasks must be considered. This balancing act can only succeed with a recent and well-engineered audio technology. CobraNet™ is such a technical solution not only making promises but also keeping them. The system was developed by Cirrus Logic (former Peak Audio) and is a combination of software, hardware and network protocols allowing real-time uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio distribution over a standard Ethernet network. CobraNet™ is transmitted using standard Ethernet packets and a standard network infrastructure – this can be a financial advantage for large-scale audio installations like stadiums or convention centers, because they don’t need to install a new cable system. Read more »