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FUTURELIGHT PHS-260 – last edition!

April 13th, 2010 Posted in FUTURELIGHT Tags: ,

Due to high demand, there is one more possibility to order the proven and popular Futurelight PHS-260.

Many customers wanted to rebuild stocks for the last time. So we met the wishes of our customers and ordered a final shipment. So, take this unique opportunity and order your Futurelight PHS-280. The delivery will start around June.

Rocktent Nürnberg

DSC_0029Folk festivals enjoy a long standing tradition in Germany. Everywhere in the country, these celebrations abound. Generally with many carnival rides, tossing and shooting galleries, concession stands and the obligatory beer tents. It’s no different at the Nürnberg folk festival. Every spring and fall, the folk festival takes place at the Nürnberger Dutzendteich Park and attracts round about four million visitors. Somewhat bigger than a parish fair. Yet not only is the size of the spring and fall festival notable. Where musical entertainment is concerned, the operators offer something truly unique with their rocktent. Seating for 6,000 on over 3,300 m². A different band plays every night. And the tent is full nearly every night. No wonder. Especially the youth often wish for an alternative to the classical brass and wind ensembles. And this rocktent successfully offers just such a diversion. The rocktent has been an integral part of the folk festival world for the past 17 years and has meanwhile developed by leaps and bounds into a real attraction, without which modern folk festivals would be unthinkable. Sadis Event Management Service has organized the rocktent since 2008. Responsible for the realization is Christian Sandmann. A good selection of bands isn’t the only thing important to him. The right illumination to put the bands in the limelight is equally important. “A good show needs good music and good lighting” asserts Christian Sandmann. He therefore puts special trust in EUROLITE and FUTURELIGHT brand products on his 30 meter wide stage. “A large stage demands versatile and assertive equipment, and with EUROLITE and FUTURELIGHT I’ve got a good set-up“ so Christian Sandmann. The bands are enthusiastic about the illumination as well, he explains. Not surprising, judging from the deployed arsenal of lighting effects. This year the stage was lit-up with over 50 PAR spotlights, countless moving heads, among which the new FUTURELIGHT Eye-36 could be found, and a pixel mesh in four parts. Additional installations included audience blinders, theater spots, strobes and effect lighting. Next spring it will start all over again. Visitors will come to the folk festival, stream into the rocktent, and surely be thrilled with the music and the lighting. Who says traditional and modern ways of life can’t complement one another? The folk festival in
Nürnberg proves it can work.

Employed products:
24 Units Eurolite LED Pixel Mesh No. 80503110
8 x Futurelight PHS-260 No. 51838199
8 x Eurolite LED Par-56 TCL No. 51913930
24 x Eurolite Par-36 Spot No. 50800405
2 x Futurelight Eye-36 MK2 No. 51841328
2 x Eurolite 4 x Par-36 Audience Blinder No. 42103422
4 x Eurolite 8 x Par-36 Audience Blinder No. 42103438
2 x Eurolite Super Strobe 2700 No. 52202176
2 x Eurolite Theatre 300/500 No. 41900520
20 x Eurolite LED Par-64 RGB Spot No. 51913634
8 x Eurolite Par 56 Profi Spot No. 42000550
2 x Eurolite FL-1200 Flame-Light No. 51114420