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MADRIX 2.9 is released

June 30th, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE, FUTURELIGHT Tags: , , ,

Only three month are gone and the deployment of “LED Lighting Control” software MADRIX has published a new version.

Of course the boys took all the requests, controversies and error messages of the users to heart and put as most as possible into the new version.

And in spite of the big amount of the release note of this update is, as we are used to, for free.

Download MADRIX V2.9 here

A perfect team for a low priced DMX universe

December 15th, 2009 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , , , ,

DMXDo you know our USB-DMX-Interface from EUROLITE?

The EUROLITE USB-DMX-512 interface combines very small dimensions with many functions due to the internal RISC-controller. This controller creates all DMX signals so that the PC and the USB port is not too busy enabling the parallel use of several DMX universes.

Click here to learn more about the EUROLITE USB-DMX-512 interface.


To use this interface you only need the perfect software.

Freestyler is free lighting control software used by many leading dj´s, venues and lighting designers and supported by a vast network of users worldwide.

With this two simple tools you can build a verry low priced DMX universe. The download you can find here.

We want to show you one of the many tutorials we located on YouTube. There are much more of verry interresting videos to learn how this software works.

[youtube _CJgmjyM9Os]