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Telescopic stands – We explain

May 2nd, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE, OMNITRONIC Tags: , ,

Omnitronic Handauszugstative

Why do our telescopic stands carry only 18 kg? Because we always meet DIN requirements, but there are alternatives…the speaker system stands LF-01 and LF-01L with gas spring, which are exclusively available only here at Steinigke.
Do our stands like Eurolite A1, STV-20 or STV-40 really carry only 18 kg? No, in general they are able to carry heavier weights. But at Steinigke all products are strictly examined according to the German DIN requirements and DIN 1560-27 says that telescopic stands may only carry weights up to 18 kg. Due to this fact we declare the standardized carrying capacity, not the real capacity – unlike other manufacturers.

Surely there are alternatives when you don’t want to work with winch stands but need more than 18 kg to be carried: the gas spring stand LF-01 lifting speakers automatically. Read more »

Design Wood Stand from DIMAVERY

December 1st, 2009 Posted in DIMAVERY Tags: , , , , , , ,

It does not always have to blinking and flashing. Chrome-plated stands and racks may indeed be handy, but the tastes are different. For those who wants to place his instrument safely in comfortable surroundings, definitely prefers natural materials. How would that even look like if the cello would have to stand next to the fireplace on a brilliant stand.

Nothing here fits better than a beautiful instrument tray made of wood.

DIMAVERY Design Wood stand for violins

DIMAVERY Design Wood stand for cellos

DIMAVERY Design Wood stand for saxophones

DIMAVERY Design Wood Acoustic Guitar stand

DIMAVERY Design Wood E-Guitar Stand