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How much space does a case really have?

August 1st, 2011 Posted in worth knowing Tags: , , ,


CasesWe are putting drawings online which will help you to equip cases and racks…

Normed cases, as they are called in general, tell everything about their size. Classic cases with 19” (48 cm) don’t have to be explained as they are simply standard. But cases which are not based on standards or have not been designed for a certain device kind of hide their size secrets.

For this reason we expand the information for some products and add helpful drawings to the images. These drawings show exact dimensioning. By doing so you get a clear overview over measure and you’re able to plan your case or rack more precisely.

This help is a service to avoid possible questions and to be able to work faster. You see where our points of measurement start and end – now you know what you can store in the case at almost one glance.