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Check the PSSO Line Array on site

September 23rd, 2010 Posted in General, PSSO Tags: , ,

You would like to listen to the PSSO Line Array? Now, you’ve got he opportunity. On Monday, September 27 and on Tuesday, September 28 the CLA is installed at our headquarters in Waldbüttelbrunn.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – a saying which is also true for audio systems. That’s why we are offering you the possibility to carefully survey our special version. Just come to Waldbüttelbrunn and get a live impression of the Compact Line Array (CLA).
Just contact Markus Fromm (e-mail: / phone: 0049-931-4061-638) and make an appointment.

You can see and here the same setup like at the Independence Day.

8 pcs. PSSO CLA-118 LINE ARRAY Floor-Subwoofer

4 pcs. PSSO CLA-115 LINE ARRAY Subwoofer

16 pcs. PSSO CLA-228 LINE ARRAY Tops

2 pcs. PSSO HP-1400 Endstufe, 2×700W/4Ohm

3 pcs. PSSO HP-2400 Endstufe, 2×1200W/4Ohm

2 pcs. PSSO HP-3200 Endstufe, 2×1600W/4Ohm

1 pcs. PSSO DXO-48 digitaler Systemcontroller

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