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Whether DVI or DMX

May 9th, 2011 Posted in General Tags: , , ,

Madrix V2.12

Control our LSD curtains or the Pixel Mesh even more flexible now – MADRIX update V2.12 makes it possible.

It’s surely the most important innovation to all controlling LEDs via MADRIX: the latest version features a DVI Patch. But what does that mean for you as user? Quite simple: even more possibilities, more freedom, more creativity. So far, only DMX fixtures could have been positioned and addressed – for DVI devices this was considerably more complicated and sometimes impossible. Due to the DVI Patch times are changing. Now, LEDs can be installed more flexible, including rotation and mirroring.

Just think of several screens, consisting of our LSD curtains or the Pixel Meshes for example. With the new patch you now can leave space between several screens, you can turn single screens or mirror the effect – simply as you want to use them. And handling, characteristic for MADRIX, remains easy and clearly structured.

The latest software version has been presented at this year’s prolight+sound. Another part of the presentation, besides the DVI Patch: the DMX distribution. With 2.12 the user can freely choose the channel definition.

The improvements of this update are of special interest for users who want to run larger systems. And for this group notably Eurolite offers an advantageous solution too. Eurolite Node 8 enables to control several DMX universes with MADRIX – eight universes to be more precise.

Free Madrix Demo Version

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