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Dust and Diesel – Sign of Life part 1 – 31.12.2012

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We are on the black continent, more precisely, in Morocco. And this Morocco is fascinating. It’s a mixture between the connection to Europe and the oriental Africa. Most streets are better than we thought, however, this is the first country where I can understand that you drive an SUV, if you’re rich enough.The majority of course, the people without money, drive Mercedes Benz. In all versions. If Cuba is the country for American oldtimers, Morocco is the counterpart for Mercedes. Especially popular are the classic limousines like the W123, the good old 190 D and the 207 busses. The company from Stuttgart should send their marketing department down here – there is no better proof for endurance!

At the moment, we are in Marrakech. We have driven through Tarifa and Fes, the Atlas Mountains – they are, by the way, so high, that at an altitude of over 2000 meters, we drove past snow and had to be careful on the icy streets. This is Africa, too! At the moment, the landscape is pretty diverse. The vegetation (very green in general) seems to change in every bend. There’s everything from mandarin trees to coniferous forests and palm trees.

Tomorrow, on New Year’s Day, we will visit Marrakech. Everybody is looking forward to taste the local cuisine at the main square, the Jemaa el Fna.

Until now, we’re still in the stable part of Africa, with compulsory schooling and an organised life (even though we as Germans need to get used to this type of organisation, but it works). I will keep on reporting about what awaits us further south – more adventures, for sure!

Bye for now, Michael


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