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Dust and Diesel – Sign of life, part 4 – 12.01.2013

January 15th, 2013 Posted in Backstage Tags: , ,

The desert is crossed. We’ve arrived in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauretania – the next to last leg before driving to Senegal tomorrow.

The desert was phenomenal. On the one hand, the landscape is really awe-inspiring. Once we slept at a dune in the middle of nowhere and twice on the beach, I’ve never seen such a starry sky. On the other hand, this is a surreal situation driving cars through deep sand plains or across dunes, which the vehicles initially were never conceived for. Of course, the vehicles were raised and equipped with sensible underbody protection, yet they are still everyday cars or transporters, like our MB100. And just this car has done a sensational job. In contrast to others, we didn’t get stuck once and had no mechanical problems. One vehicle suffered a broken axle in the sand and had to be left behind in the Sahara. We then carried the drivers‘ baggage and others took in the passengers.

After the direct trek through the desert we drove on the shore. Over 100 km direct along the ocean, unparalleled! Unfortunately, we couldn’t pass through a narrow point –usually a short drive through the water to pass huge rocks – due to high tide. Without further ado, we opted for the route via a higher-lying dune and shoveled a ramp in order to reach the shore again below. Unforgettable scenes.

Today we also visited the second of aepn’s orphan children’s projekts. The scenes were similar to the first home. There isn’t much of anything, but the best that can be done is being done and the children are well cared for!

We’re now looking forward to Senegal and a few days of relaxation at the Zebrabar. I’ll certainly send some concluding thoughts from there.

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