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Little Helper from Omnitronic – Part I

October 25th, 2011 Posted in OMNITRONIC, worth knowing Tags: , , , , , ,

Little Helper

Let’s talk about the so called „Little Helpers“ from Omnitronic. They have already simplified or even saved quite a few events. In the first part of our series we are concentrating on devices which can rather be found on live settings. Installation and studio environment are the topics of the second part.

It is probably the absolute classic assistant in event industry: the DI-Box (DI means “direct injection”, sometimes also “direct input”). On live stages the DI-Box has to complete three missions at once. First of all, impedance transformation. To directly supply a signal from keyboards, synthesizers, electric guitars or basses into the multicore and finally into the FOH mixer, the very high-resistant output impedance of these instruments has to be transformed. Normally, an electric guitar has an output impedance of several thousand ohms whereas a microphone features only a few hundred ohms. Now, the DI-Box, from a technical point of view, transforms an instrument signal into a microphone signal – thus preparing the signal for further processing in a mixer. The inputs of the instruments’ amplifiers are equipped accordingly and thereby don’t have to be supplied with a transformed signal. Because of this it is possible to simultaneously tap the input signal of the DI-Box and to feed it into the amplifier, which is mostly used as stage monitor. Read more »

Box lifts automatically

October 19th, 2011 Posted in OMNITRONIC Tags: , ,

Boxenhochständer LF-01

Everybody who’s a band member should know how hard it can be to lift up a speaker box – really nothing to enjoy. But Omnitronic produces relief with its LF-01. By virtue of its integrated gas spring the stand alleviates installation dramatically.

Once placed on the stand the self-lifting weight system will do the rest – even up to a load of 25 kg. Simply release the locking screw and the speaker will rise as if by an invisible hand. Having reached the appropriate height the speaker can be arrested by turning the screw a second time. Only low effort is needed to bring down the speaker once again.

The LF-01 is made of aluminum and can carry a maximum of 40 kg. So, even when you’re mounting a 40 kg speaker, the gas spring will carry 25 kg – it’s just the difference you have to lift up yourself. There is no need to make life difficult, is it?

Omnitronic LF-01 60004111a Omnitronic LF-01 60004111b Omnitronic LF-01 60004111c

CobraNet – Faster and more reliable

September 16th, 2011 Posted in OMNITRONIC, worth knowing Tags: ,


Cobra Net, that’s the solution for complex multi-channel installations for the audio field.

There are many solutions for multi-channel installations but not all of them will prove satisfactory. OMNITRONIC presents with its new CobraNet™ transmitters and processors today’s latest approach opening the door to a faster and more reliable audio solution, because existing local area networks (LAN) can be used.

Today the professional audio branch is often confronted with different needs: Fast working, tight schedules, low budgets and complex tasks must be considered. This balancing act can only succeed with a recent and well-engineered audio technology. CobraNet™ is such a technical solution not only making promises but also keeping them. The system was developed by Cirrus Logic (former Peak Audio) and is a combination of software, hardware and network protocols allowing real-time uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio distribution over a standard Ethernet network. CobraNet™ is transmitted using standard Ethernet packets and a standard network infrastructure – this can be a financial advantage for large-scale audio installations like stadiums or convention centers, because they don’t need to install a new cable system. Read more »

Omnitronic SMA series

September 8th, 2011 Posted in OMNITRONIC


Times when powerful and reliable amps inevitably caused herniated vertebral disks are over. With modern switch-mode power supplies, a weight of less than 10 kilos can easily be realized, even amps with the power of several kilowatts are no exception. Both our top models prove to be weight watchers, they weigh only 9 kilos with an output power of 1500 watts and 2000 watts respectively.

But the power/weight ratio is not the only exemplary feature, workmanship and reliability are on par and have already been praised by the specialized press (Soundcheck, September issue 2010; tools4music issue Oktober/November 2010).

Primarily DJs and musicians benefit from these amenities. But even for technical service providers and installers, the SMA series offers an interesting alternative. This is due to the fact that both top models are very energy-efficient (switch mode and staged supply voltage – Class H circuitry).

An overview of the series:

OMNITRONIC SMA-600 Amplifier (10451082)

OMNITRONIC SMA-1000 Amplifier (10451084)

OMNITRONIC SMA-1500 Amplifier (10451086)

OMNITRONIC SMA-2000 Amplifier (10451088)

A Jill for every Jack

August 29th, 2011 Posted in DIMAVERY, EUROLITE, FUTURELIGHT, OMNITRONIC Tags: , ,


Transport cases are no luxury goods, they are an essential component – at least for everybody who doesn’t use the devices for permanent installation. Anyone who takes his loudspeaker systems, his spots or the like on tour, who rents them or uses them for diverse events appreciates a good transport case.

A good case offers the appropriate space for the respective devices. To find such a case is easier said than done, because many cases are not designed for the real dimensions of the devices. The aftermath: the devices slip, fall over and thus can be severely damaged. Read more »