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When does a German band realize, that they’ve made it? At the very latest, when they play at the Wacken, the biggest metal festival in the world. The guys from nulldB have made it – 2013, their band name is listed on the line-up next to giants like Alice Cooper, Rammstein and Nightwish.



No wonder – as recently as December they released a new album with the ominous name „Endzeit“ (end time). And this album made a huge impact: In the first two months, it reached the German Alternative Charts eight times consecutively. Respect, gentlemen!

The recipe for success: Music with character. Instead of copying, this band found its own style. A symbiosis of good German lyrics in connection with modern, international-sounding metal backings and the characteristic voice of singer and guitarist Frank Kühnlein comprise the typical sound of nulldB. The lead singer knows: „We’ve been playing together since we were teenagers and we regularly had gigs long before we were 18. Meanwhile, we know exactly what we want and how things work out.“

And things work out perfectly. Already in 2008, the band was awarded the German Rock and Pop Prize for the best Newcomer in the category Hard’n’Heavy. In 2009, the first album „Im Auge des Sturms“ (in the eye of the storm) came on the market – and prepared the ground for the rise of the band into the league of serious German groups. And with the album „Endzeit“ this step has been acccomplished. Next, nulldB goes on tour throughout Germany with the band „Betontod“ – and in August, the coronation ceremony of the metal community calls: The Wacken.

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