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COB on the rise

April 29th, 2013 Posted in EUROLITE, News Tags: , ,

Eurolite PMC-16

It is another affirmation: The Eurolite LED PMC-16 COB was elected the spot of the year and in this way proves, that COB technology is not only accepted on the market, but also the future of LED lighting.

One year ago, Steinigke introduced the new technology at the Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt. And like with every new technology, there was a certain degree of uncertainty at first. After all, it is never predictable, how the market will react to new technology. By now, it is obvious: its the next innovation in LED technology and this is just the start.


Eurolite PMC-16

Convincing appearance in the USA

This new technology was noted and awarded by the readers of German Soundcheck magazine, which was presented at Prolight + Sound. Steinigke has also brought its COB units to the USA, where they have been used at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Coachella and the Daytona 500. Bruce Bandy from Inner Circle Distribution notes: „At Ultra Music Festival, we featured the COB audience blinders and the lighting directors were absolutely thrilled by the power, color and handling – the fixtures stood out in a very large space and made a tremendous impact.“

Valuable experience

Also the fact that other manufacturers have jumped on the COB bandwagon now is a clear affirmation of it’s acceptance, general manager Matthias Schwab says. „As a light source, COB technology is fully accepted and we can expect quite a bit more in the future. Our thorough research and development is always on going to develop the next COB fixture. As a pioneer, Steinigke gained a lot of experience, which must still be accumulated by others. We at Steinigke have more than 50 products in stock with COB technology. The chips have clearly become a part of the market and they are a good example of the innovative spirit in the company“.


 Coachella 2013


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