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Create atmosphere with light

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Light effects can affect the atmosphere. There should be differences between illuminating a dance floor and a lounge area…

You don’t have to be the most experienced light expert or designer to use light effects selectively. It simply seems to be illogical for us to install an audience blinder or a stroboscope into a chill-out lounge. In the end, people just want to relax from wild partying and enjoy a stylish atmosphere, just like decent background music.

Eurolite offers effects to create a classy ambiance very fast and easily – whether for lounges, bars or party rooms. Here is a brief choice:

Let’s start with the Moon Lasers (MS) which become more and more popular. These are laser and LED effect in one. The LEDs complement the laser beams with smooth movements. There are three MS versions: MS-1, MS-2 and MS-3. While the MS-2 can be controlled via DMX the MS-1 and MS-3 can be adjusted at their rear side. The latter two have been equipped with a blue 5 watt highpower LED, the MS-2 features a tricolor LED with 15 watts.

[tubepress video=”3cnwskdhdXk”]

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Also appropriate for a more quiet atmosphere: a water effect. Eurolite can present three models of which the Eurolite LED WF-10 10 is slightly more expensive than the others, but still cheaper than the Moon Lasers. The WF-10 holds a white LED with 10 watts, five colored effect wheels and can be controlled via DMX.
Who wants to pay less should take a look at the Eurolite LED H2O mit TCL with a tricolor LED and the Eurolite H2O mit 14 blauen LEDs. with 14 blue LEDs. Without a doubt, the tricolor LED shows a larger color variety  and moreover it can be controlled via DMX. But for many a simple and beautiful blue effect without DMX is completely satisfactory.

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