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The new outdoor spots with high-power LEDs

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Performances of LEDs are astonishing nowadays. Even smallest spots are able to generate an enormous light output with powerful diodes. That’s why the bulky spots with conventional illuminants step out of people’s focus – often they require too much space and disturb the ambiance. The elegant LED spots on the other hand are essentially restrained – but only considering the appearance.

Eurolite presents two types of outdoor spots. The LED IP FL-8 and FL-30. They differ in LED power (1 watt to 30 watts), number of LEDs (8 and 1) and in size. The FL-8 is obviously smaller than its bigger brother which rather belongs to the group of work lights.
The spots are available each in cold and warm white, with 6400 K or 3000 K (for the FL-30 it’s 3200 K). We additionally offer the FL-8 with two different beam angles – 30° and 60°.

Since our two novelties are outdoor spots they are weatherproof, of course. The FL-8 meets the IP56 standard, the FL-30 meets IP54.

Find information about the IP standard


EUROLITE LED IP FL-30 6400K 120° EUROLITE LED IP FL-30 6400K 120° 

EUROLITE LED IP FL-30 3200K 120°

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