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Twitter on LSD

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Twitter on LSD

Music festival meets web 2.0 – with a live stream of a very special kind. During the 24. UMSONST & DRAUSSEN (U&D) festival in Würzburg the more than 80,000 visitors were not only entertained by music and cultural program: from June 23 to 26 a Twitter wall on the main stage offered additional distraction – a total success.

Internet users had the possibility to post their messages via the festival’s Twitter page. And they really seized the chance – several hundred entries over the four days of the festival. “The whole web community in Würzburg only had one thing to talk about: the Twitter wall of the U&D”, explained Tilman Hampl, press spokesman of U&D. The short messages were transmitted in real time and in different colors – the latter to enable a better readability and to create a nice light effect in passing.

twitterwallThe Twitter wall was realized with LEDs. The Eurolite LSD curtains (Eurolite LSD-20) were combined to a surface of 7,5 x 2,5 meters. Installed on the main stage the wall could be clearly seen by all visitors. Mainly during the stage breaks the wall functioned as Twitter screen. During the concerts of Pornophonics, The New Black or Mucho Mojo the LSD curtains were used as stage effect. Artists as well as stage engineers were excited of the effect options and the flexible structure of the LED Soft Displays (LSD).

It has been a Steinigke apprentice who held responsible for planning and implementation. The Twitter wall has been part of her final project of the training as qualified IT specialist in the field of application development. The live connection was realized with MADRIX software, distributed by Steinigke.

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