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Dwarfs with power: Futurelight EYE-7 and EYE-7 Zoom put to the test

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German trade press tested the Futurelight EYE-7 and EYE-7 Zoom. The result: The small Moving Heads leave a lasting impression.

The spots overwhelmed the testers of the magazine Soundcheck with their workmanship: “The workmanship is extremely sturdy and of high quality, making a very good impression”. But also the inner values, especially the brightness, stood out in the test: “Regarding brightness, the dwarf swells and delivers a really convincing performance”.

Speed of the formula 1
Testers were enthusiastic about the motors, which move the small heads. Their judgment: “Three-phase-motors are used, providing high speed and high precision. Regarding their speed, both of the EYE-7 versions can be admitted to the formula 1”. The spots collected more plus points with the fact that they are extremely silent: “During use, no sound can be heard. (…) There are no obstacles for using them in a theater or television studio”.

Compact professionals
“The spots are primarily designed for professional users”, the test concludes. While the EYE-7 is recommended for “show and music stages”, the testers see the EYE-7 Zoom also in “theaters, multi-purpose venues or television studios”.

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