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New Futurelight Housings

March 8th, 2013 Posted in FUTURELIGHT, News Tags:

The better is the enemy of the good – and so our old Futurelight housings need to give way to new housings for some devices. The new look will no longer be made of rubberized material, but of hard and smooth plastic.

Why this change?


Our moving heads are made for being installed and dismantled many times. They shall enrich a lot of stages and installations and be usable for a long time. Therefore it is important for the devices to withstand quite a lot. Scratches and persistent dirt are unwanted.

This is where the new housings will come into play. The smooth surface can be wiped off, dust and dirt won’t stick to the material and can be removed easily. Without the rubber coating, the housing is more resistant to scratches. And even the colors’ life time is remarkably longer – the plastic of the new housings won’t fade as fast as the old one.

Over all, the moving heads will be more suitable for the long use „on the road“. PLS-5R, PLB-5R and DMH-90 are already in the smooth housings. Time after time, the DMH-150, PLS-15R and PLB-15R will also be available only in the new housing.

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