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Omnitronic DXO-26E – successful debut

March 31st, 2011 Posted in News, OMNITRONIC, Product news Tags: , , , , ,

Although the conditions were slightly unequal: the PA-controller Omnitronic DXO-26E stood its ground in the test of German magazine “tools4music”. Some of the competitors have been far more expensive, but the Omnitronic controller “Made in Germany” could, surprisingly, convince with positive measurement values.

Testers Christian Boche and Stefan Kosmalla were astonished by the good test results of this inexpensive audio controller. They gave it a positive ranking as they could not find a weak point in the measurements.For the magazine’s issue 1/2011, the two technical writers compared five controllers with recommended selling prices of up to 1000 euros and more. Final conclusion: there are only little differences between controllers ranging from 350 to 1070 euros. A user can also reach his goals with less expensive products.

The Omnitronic DXO-26E was the only controller with a MAC compatible software. Another unique feature is the possibility to switch the display language. This makes the DXO-26E the perfect controller for all users with a little budget, who can do without digital inputs or a network connection.

In this way, it is proven that a production in Germany, reliability and a low price can really coincide.

Meanwhile, version 1.31 of the software, also including a new firmware is ready for download. The update contains several improvements and small bug fixes. It is now possible to store presets as text files on the computer. Furthermore, the connection speed between software and controller has been increased a lot. Managing of presets on the computer is now more comfortable.

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