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Omnitronic Little Helpers – Part II

Little Helper

In the second part we’d like to present you the remaining “Little Helpers” from Omnitronic. After we have focused on DI-Boxes, isolators, cable testers and signal switchers in the first part, it’s now about mini mixers and preamplifiers.

First comes the passive mini mixer OMNITRONIC LH-010, that can distribute the signal of four audio sources to one output. That makes it possible to create simple submixes or small mixers which can be extended with some channels for an additional group, for example for multitrack recordings or spot microphones. Another possibility is the use on stages to connect multiple guitars at the same time to avoid switching and disturbing noises during a concert. Different output levels of several guitars can already be adjusted in the run-up to a performance. Due to its passive construction, the LH-010 can also be used as 1 to 4 splitter, for example to supply multiple active speakers with the same signal without looping through all speakers. With two LH-010 the output signal of a mixer can be split for further processing in different media (PA, webcam, records, etc).

Omnitronic LH-010

With the OMNITRONIC LH-015, a stereo signal, such as the main output of a DJ controller with integrated USB sound card, can be mixed with the mono signal of a microphone to realize a clear DJ setup without need of a large mixer. Furthermore, the LH-015 is a budget solution to mix a stereo music source with a speech microphone for podcasts.

Omnitronic LH-015

The OMNITRONIC LH-020 is designed for preamplification of three microphones and thus offers a useful extension for small mixers without phantom power as well as for DJ mixers with too few microphone inputs. Equipped with DIP switches, it is possible to switch on phantom power and low cut separately for each of these three inputs. If phantom power is only needed for one microphone channel, the LH-050 is a good solution: It is an adaptor can be inserted between condenser microphone and mixer and supplies the microphone with the required voltage. The corresponding model for two channels is the LH-051.

Omnitronic LH-020 Omnitronic LH-050 Omnitronic LH-051

The LH-025 is a mini mixer for three stereo sources. For example, this mixer can distribute the output signals of three keyboards to one stereo signal. Additionally, the LH-025 offers a balance control for each of the three inputs. The channels can also be operated mono. In bars or restaurants, for example, the LH-025 can be used as a small mixer for double CD players and radio connected to a power amplifier.

Omnitronic LH-025
When it comes to pure amplifiers for single microphones, Omnitronic offers two models: LH-045 and LH-075. Inputs and outputs of the LH-045 045 each have XLR and unbalanced jacks, phantom power can be switched on if needed.
The bigger LH-075 offers extra comfort: With a five-digit LED meter, the output level can be controlled at any time. A switchable limiter prevents overdriving of the peripheral equipment. Additionally, the preamplifier circuit is equipped with a 12AX7 vacuum tube, which enjoys a legendary reputation in the use for guitars and microphones, because it adds warm even harmonics.

Omnitronic LH-045 Omnitronic LH-075

For the distribution of one headphones signal to up to four headphones, the LH-030 will be a good choice. For example, it is a cost-effective alternative when recording choirs and a monitoring signal is needed for every singer. An even more challenging monitoring offers the LH-115, which can mix the recording signal and the source material comfortably and flexible.

Omnitronic LH-030 Omnitronic LH-115

If a symmetrical signal has to be converted to an asymmetrical one, the best choice would be a professional device, such as the LH-035. By using only a simple adaptor, half the signal level would be lost. With a LH-035 stereo converter, a stereo signal can be converted from XLR to RCA and vice versa, including balancing.

Omnitronic LH-035

The phono preamplifier LH-040 allows the connection between a record player and a mixer or an active speaker without phone input. For more flexibility, the outputs provide RCA and stereo jacks. The LH-042 offers the perfect solution for the reverse case, when a line source should be connected to a phone input.

Omnitronic LH-040 Omnitronic LH-042

The ELA-100V-2-L is a special transformer to reduce the power signal of a 100 volt system to line level to make it processable for active speakers, power amplifiers, mixers, etc. Additionally, the output level is adjustable from 0 to 1.5 volt. The ELA-100V-2-L doesn’t require power supply. For optimal protection against accidental contact, the housing is made of plastic.

Omnitronic ELA-100V-2-L

Finally, the TS-8 Isolator/splitter should be mentioned as well. It was developed for splitting, adapting and isolating (galvanic isolation) line signals in studio surroundings. The eight channels have jack, RCA and XLR inputs and outputs each – so an incoming signal can be tapped with the common plug versions. As the user can adjust the mounting angle he can choose between XLR-connectors or RCA and jack sockets for the front.

Omnitronic TS-8

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