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PSSO Compact Line Array explaining the included controller preset

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The preset we provide for the PSSO Compact Line Array is based on the last years’ experience and should help to find the perfect settings for your application.

For this setup, we use the following components:

8x PSSO CLA-228 at PSSO HP-1400 (Hi) and HP-2400 (Mid)

2x PSSO CLA-115 at PSSO HP-2400

4x PSSO CLA-118 at PSSO HP-3200

2x PSSO SUB-2180 at PSSO HP-3200

The gains of all power amplifiers are set to maximum.

Settings overview:

Speaker Gain Lowcut Hicut EQ 1 EQ 2
CLA-228 Hi – 8 dB 1.900 Hz 

24 dB L-R

CLA-228 Mid 0 dB 120 Hz 

24 dB L-R

1.900 Hz 

24 dB L-R

400 Hz –3 dB 

Q = 2.9

800 Hz –6 dB 

Q = 2.9

CLA-115 + 6 dB 60 Hz 

24 dB L-R

120 Hz 

24 dB L-R

65 Hz +5 dB 

Q = 1.85

CLA-118 – 5 dB 30 Hz 

48 dB L-R

75 Hz 

18 dB BW

65 Hz +5 dB 

Q = 1.85

SUB-2180 – 2 dB 30 Hz 

48 dB L-R

75 Hz 

18 dB BW

65 Hz +5 dB 

Q = 1.85


For this setting we have two different floor subs, CLA-115 and SUB-2180 – these only differ in their gain settings. Please note that you must adjust the settings when using different components or different power amplifiers.

The crossover frequencies are based on the frequency ranges of the individual speakers. The lower crossover frequency of the subwoofers can be altered. If you do not use floor subs (CLA-118 or SUB-2180) the lowcut of the flying bass CLA-115 can be lowered, e. g. to 45 Hz.

The floor subs are separated relatively low, but with 48 dB per octave. As an alternative, a separation at 40 Hz and with 24 dB per octave is possible. On the upper end, the separation takes place at 75 Hz with 18 dB per octave. Here you can also try with higher frequencies and slopes. These settings depend very much on the main use (voice, live music, CDs).

Equalizers are set very scarcely, there is enough room especially for permanent installations. For mobile use, these corrections should be carried out via 31-band-equalizer at the FOH.

All subwoofers floor subs or flying subs have a little kick at 65 Hz. This is very useful to have a higher lower crossover frequency with enough bass power. As an addition, two mid filters are set to 400 and 800 Hz. These frequencies have to be reduced especially for voice application in order to make voice and singer understandable.

The different setups we used showed that the flying bass CLA-115 first reaches its power limit. This has to be considered when setting up the system and fixing the maximum level.


In order to set up the array the best possible way, we recommend the following test material:

Jennifer Warnes: „The Hunter“

Titel: „Rock You Gently“, „The Hunter“

This album has a very clear recording. Please consider the bass and the highs, which can be clearly heard when the array is perfectly set up. The bass must not boom and the highs should be heard but not clip.

Michael Jackson: „HIStory“

Titel: „Billie Jean“, „Beat It“

Both titles are very demanding, whereas „Billie Jean“ is referred to the bass reproduction and „Beat It“ should not have the distorted guitars covering the rest of the mix. In both a clear voice reproduction should be heard.

Pink Floyd: „Echoes“

Titel: „Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)“, „High Hopes“

The child choir of „Another Brick“ must not sound keen, the bass guitar must be powerful but must not boom. Ideally, the guitar solo can be clearly distinguished from the rest of the mix. „High Hopes“ has different instruments and noises at once. These should be clearly heard in every moment.

Paul Simon: „Graceland“

Titel: „Graceland“, „You Can Call Me Al“

The voice of Paul Simon must be clearly heard from the rest of the mix. The bass should be clear and powerful.

Yello: „The Essential“

Titel: „Oh Yeah“, „The Race“, „Rubberbandman“

„Oh Yeah“ and „The Race“ are both very high emphasized and require clear settings in the upper half of the frequency range. The voice is relatively low and sounds washy when the array is not set correctly.

Robyn: „With Every Heartbeat“ (Tong & Spoon Wonderland Remix)

The remix of „With Every Heartbeat“ is very demanding for the subwoofers. When the subs start at the same time with the voice, the subs must not boom or rattle, the voice should be clearly heard.

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