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Beginners watch out!

August 22nd, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: ,

We know, novices in the field of illumination can’t afford to spend large amounts of money. No problem! We have reduced many prices permanently. In doing so, it was important to offer devices with different effects. Whether a derby, a mushroom, a fan or a classic flower effect – now, every kind has a lowest price guarantor.

And here are the special offers:

Eurolite LED D-40 51918522

Eurolite LED D-40

Eurolite LED Z-100 51918508

Eurolite LED Z-100

Eurolite LED Z-3x3 51918507

Eurolite LED Z-3x3

Eurolite LED SCY-7 51918670

Eurolite LED SCY-7

Eurolite LED FE-600 51918619

Eurolite LED FE-600

Eurolite LED MAT-64 51918550

Eurolite LED MAT-64

Eurolite LED Operator 1 70064501

Eurolite LED Operator 1


Price for Eurolite KLS series reduced

December 3rd, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , ,

KLS-SerieThat is really good news. We’ve been able to lower the KLS series prices’ significantly. From now on, you’ll save up to 20 %. Permanently. Get yourself the true original!

Almost two years ago, the KLS-200 has been included into our program. It has been the dawn of a new kind of mobile lighting.
Flat LED spots on a T-bar, one stand and a little transport bag. Pure mobility.

The idea has successfully penetrated the market. In the meantime the KLS-400, KLS-406 and KLS-800 have become well-established as well. It’s a popular system and one of our top sellers.

Now, right in the main season, we can offer you permanently reduced prices up to 20 % – a thanks for the amazing response. Enjoy your shopping tour!

Eurolite KLS-200 Eurolite KLS-400

Eurolite KLS-406 Eurolite KLS-800