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Behind the scenes: Under scrutiny

October 1st, 2012 Posted in Backstage Tags:

They are the men with the sharp eyes: The inspectors of our Quality Control department.

When a product sample arrives, it must make its way through this department – only then it can become an article in our range. Additionally, every day more than 40 pallets of goods reach us per container or per post. Our QC department picks at least one piece out of every group of articles for a spot check. Only if the products pass the examination, may they be sold.

The examination is especially important for samples: Most of the products, which are to be traded in the EU, need to carry the CE mark. If a device doesn’t meet all the requirements for safety or quality reasons, it must be improved. Only if a product passes the tests in our QC, it may become an article in our range.

All the packages, which come into the QC department for a spot check, must at first pass a check for the correctness of information: Is the name and description of the article right? Is the right bar code printed on the package? Is the correct serial number assigned to the product? Is the weight of the package properly declared? The employees record the product’s data and unpack it. They evaluate the external appearance before forwarding the product to test their inner values.

There’s a specialist for every kind of product in our QC-workshop: From an engineer to a precision mechanic.

In the Quality Control department, the items have to pass a performance test. This may mean that a lamp must stay in the sauna for some hours: There one can see if the lamp gives up the ghost while working at very high temperatures.

In the workshop, the inspectors open the devices and test their core qualities. They check if the device is constructed properly and – most important – if it meets the requirements, arising from EU regulations and guidelines.

About 25 employees in the QC department see to, that the quality of our products keeps improving. Often you point out imperfections of a product to us. Then our specialists check that article again and perhaps modify it. If similar defects occur frequently, our inspectors search for the cause and forward their results to the supplier, so the product can be reworked. How customer feedback helps us:

Our men with the sharp eyes take your suggestions and keep improving the products. Thank you very much for your support!