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RGBAW – Eurolite presents beam effects with five LED colors

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Give me five. For its new beam effects Eurolite calls for back-up: amber and white support RGB

RGBAW – that is the name of Eurolite’s next beam effect generation. Its technology counts on 5 LEDs: the common RGB is accompanied by amber-colored and white diodes. For the first time, clear white and orange can be offered. Other technologies prefer to mix colors – beams of the Eurolite devices are really single-colored and thus unique.

In the beginning of the first LED RGB effects, the brilliant colors were a real eye catcher. Now, they have become more or less routine. As always, this industry is moving fast, it is still developing – Eurolite meets this fact with its new generation.

Part of it: classic disco effects such as the zig-ziag (Eurolite LED Z-400), the derby (Eurolite LED D-400), the fan effect (Eurolite LED TSR-400) and the flower (Eurolite LED FE-800). A half ball effect is about to come (Eurolite LED B-17).

Each light effect features the equipment of 5 bright 3 watt LEDs and a possible DMX operation. The models Z-400, D-400 and TSR-400 occupy 3 DMX channels each, the FE-800 will requires 5 channels and the B-17 will be using 8 channels.

Take an old light effect to your specialist dealer and compare it to the new generation.

EUROLITE LED TSR-400 Beam effect
Eurolite LED TSR-400 51918200 Eurolite LED TSR-400 51918200b
EUROLITE LED D-400 Beam effect
Eurolite LED D-400 51918210 Eurolite LED D-400 51918210b
EUROLITE LED Z-400 Beam effect
Eurolite LED Z-400 51918220 Eurolite LED Z-400 51918220b
EUROLITE LED FE-800 Flower effect
Eurolite LED FE-800 51918618 Eurolite LED FE-800 51918618

And here are three of them in action:
[tubepress video=”pASfllyE9hc”]

[tubepress video=”74ewwppsd3U”]

[tubepress video=”SwcSKIUdmS0″]

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