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November 10th, 2011 Posted in OMNITRONIC Tags: , , , , , , ,

Omnitronic XMT-1400

Many wished for new tabletops from Omnitronic – now their wishes have been satisfied. The list starts with…

OMNITRONIC XMT-1400 Tabletop CD player.

OMNITRONIC XMT-1400 Tabletop CD playerHaste makes waste – true, it has taken us some time, but finally the first representative of Omnitronic’s tabletops is available. The XMT-1400 is a modern CD player offering numerous possibilities of digital DJing. Beside the classic CDs (Audio CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3-CD) the XMT also welcomes SD(HC) cards and USB storage devices and portable players.

There are many ways to take influence on the music material. Scratching via jog dial is obligatory. In addition to that the XMT offers a reverse run, a break effect, known from analog turntables, a double loop/reloop function and a pitching function. The music’s speed can be accelerated or reduced up to +/- 16 per cent.

A VFD display with a wide angle is responsible for the absolutely sharp illustration of signs and symbols. In combination with the illuminated buttons you always immediately know what’s going on on your workstation and you are able to run the XMT intuitionally. It’s worth a try!

OMNITRONIC CMP-1200 – The digital gauntlet!

June 17th, 2010 Posted in OMNITRONIC Tags: , , ,

With its now available CMP-1200, Omnitronic sets a new standard for reasonably priced Dual CD-Players in the entertainment sector.

From now on, competing products will be measured by the high quality drives and the clearly structured and accurate look of Omnitronic CMP-1200. The player convinces with sensitive and colored rubber buttons as well as with easy-turning and accurate jog dials with mode selector (fast or frame search).

The signal processors of the CMP-1200 provide an instant start within only 10 milliseconds. Moreover, they support a 10 seconds anti-shock buffer per drive: tracks can be started within a very short time and the player will always be protected against vibrations and shocks.

The reliable software of the CMP-1200 allows playing all common MP3 formats with constant or variable bitrate. Besides, it provides an automatic beatcounter (switchable to manual operation) as well as a seamless loop/reloop function. The pitch adjustment can be changed from ±4 %, ±8 %, ±16 % to ± 100 % (MP3 CD up to ±16 %). Optionally, tempo lock (main tempo) can be activated to remain tonal pitch constant while changing the playback speed. Thereby, it’s a child’s play to mix two tracks.

All important parameters are easy to read on the alphanumeric LC displays at any time. Of course, the CMP-1200 is equipped with all main features such as pitch bend, relay function, faderstart and digital outputs. The Omnitronic CMP-1200 is available in classic black and silver.