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QCL – The new standard

September 27th, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , , , ,


In the beginning there was one LED beneath one lens. Mixing colors required different colored LEDs arranged in parallel. But times change and so one LED turned into several. In 2009 multichip diodes for the first time gathered more than one LED beneath a lens and moved the color mixture in the area before the light emission.

The 3in1 or tricolor LEDs with three LEDs beneath one lens became very popular and, for the last two years, standard in some fields of the market. But times change again now. Followers start to spread their wings and to become the new standard. Read more »

The new Multi Lens (ML) spots from Eurolite

August 4th, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , , , ,


In the beginning there was the function, now there is only the shape. So, there is no mandatory relation between our MLs and several lenses. But they don’t need to have several lenses to be really special spots.



With the ML-56 QCL Eurolite shows a new color variety within LED spots. The extraordinary alignment of the 4in1 LEDs accounts for this. 

Key to the wide color illustration is the unconventional assembly of the 18 multichip diodes. Besides RGB, 12 of the chips show an additional white LED. The remaining 6 however, are split in RGB and amber. Thanks to the interaction of white and amber dues the basic colors can gradually be reproduced warmer or colder. By this means you also get a real luscious red – often a problem. Read more »

RGBAW – Eurolite presents beam effects with five LED colors

<p style="text-align: justify"Eurolite RGBAW

Give me five. For its new beam effects Eurolite calls for back-up: amber and white support RGB

RGBAW – that is the name of Eurolite’s next beam effect generation. Its technology counts on 5 LEDs: the common RGB is accompanied by amber-colored and white diodes. For the first time, clear white and orange can be offered. Other technologies prefer to mix colors – beams of the Eurolite devices are really single-colored and thus unique. Read more »

LED bars and flood light – price reduction

February 7th, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , , ,

EUROLITE LED BarsThis is good news for you: thanks to the great demand in our Eurolite models with 252 LEDs we were able to cut their prices. The following products have become cheaper…

Top of the list: the Eurolite LED bars with RGB LEDs. Available either with a beam angle of 40° or 20° and in a black or white housing. The special edition in white, with 30° and remote control as well as the RGB flood light have found their place on the list, too. Read more »

Eurolite’s ML-56 with amber LEDs introduced at Plasa London

September 8th, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE, Videos Tags: , , , ,

Producing warm colors has always been a problem for LEDs. Eurolite has solved this problem and presents the ML-56 RGBA. In addition to its red, green and blue LEDs this spot also possesses amber-colored diodes. Thanks to the fourth color, users now are much more flexible considering the design and thus the influence on the atmosphere. The ML-56 RGBA makes its first appearance at Plasa London.

With its new ML-56 RGBA, Eurolite now offers a spot with a warmer color temperature – similar to incandescent lights and their red colors. By adding the color amber, which is composed of red and yellow, the ordinary RGB color mixing can be “warmed up” individually with the fourth color. Especially noteworthy are the warm orange tone, harmonious color transitions – from red to green in particular – and the mixture of white, which is similar to incandescent light.

Altogether the ML-56 RGBA has been equipped with 36 LEDs, each with 3 watts power and a beam angle of 30°. It can be operated with four or six DMX channels and is available both in black and silver. The common small DIP switches were replaced by a full menu with display and buttons. In so doing, setting DMX becomes considerably easier and 15 color presets can be adjusted directly at the device.

Compared to normal parcans, the ML-56 RGBA are definitely more robust and hence better suited for the road. A fact which is underlined by the weight. The ML weighs five kilograms and therefore twice as much as parcans. But the spot is very versatile and not limited to mobile use on stages or at exhibitions only. Lounges, bars and clubs can also benefit from its remarkable color mixture.