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Omnitronic SMA passed the tests

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Omnitronic SMA SerieIn 2009, the power amplifiers of the SMA series by Omnitronic had to manage the difficult task to replace their very successful predecessors after almost ten years. The new models now had to pass the testing procedures of the technical press.

Uli Hoppert’s test report in the magazine “Soundcheck” is headlined “easy play” as an allusion to the low weight of the power amplifiers. Due to the switch-mode power supply, even the large models SMA-1500 and SMA-2000 stay below 10 kg without cutting back on protective circuits or performance. Moreover, he emphasized that the test data has met the specified performance data reliably and that the protective circuits have proven to be safe. This is also approved by few customer complaints in the first year after the series’ market introduction.

In his report for the magazine “tools4music”, tester Stefan Kosmalla praised the remarkable quality of the switch-mode power supplies and the clear and thought-out design of the power amplifiers. Besides, there was also praise for the light weight and the low stand-by power consumption. All the performance data reached in the test exceeded the manufacturer’s data. Compared to three even more powerful competitors, the SMA-1500 was performing well.

Omnitronic’s SMA series benefits from the development of the switching power supply technology, which is meanwhile also affordable for beginners and ambitious hobbyists. This technology makes it not only possible to produce power amplifiers with low weight but also protects the environment: A significantly higher efficiency of the switch-mode power supplies compared to conventional toroidal transformers, reduces the power dissipation. The top models SMA-1500 and SMA-2000 can minimize the power dissipation even more, because of a staged supply voltage (Class H circuitry).

The new Omnitronic SMA series is perfect for mobile DJs or musicians – for every purpose, where light weight, high reliability and low heat emissions play an important role. Moreover, the power amplifiers are also suitable for fixed installations and other sophisticated soundings with limited budget.

The SMA series is available in four different power categories. The power amplifiers have a total weight between 5 and 9 kg and provide a nominal power from 600 to 2000 watts.

Omnitronic SMA-1500 front Omnitronic SMA-1500 back

OMNITRONIC SMA-1500 Amplifier 2x750W/4 ohm

User manual SMA-1500 (PDF)

Omnitronic SMA-2000  front Omnitronic SMA-2000 back

OMNITRONIC SMA-2000 Amplifier 2x1000W/4ohm

>User manual SMA-2000 (PDF)

Now on stock – OMNITRONIC TMC-1 and TMC-2 MIDI controller

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11045042 OMNITRONIC TMC-2With the new TMC-1 and TMC-2, Omnitronic introduces two compact USB MIDI controllers which are supplied with the powerful software Virtual DJ LE by Atomix Productions.

Both handy controllers can either be powered via USB or the included power unit, which does not only conserve the laptop’s battery in live operation but also increases failure safety with computer breakdowns. Both controllers were designed as wieldy desktop units to give users an alternative to the widely used rack-mounted controllers.

The Omnitronic TMC-1 is designed for DJs possessing a high-grade audio interface and thus comes without analog inputs and outputs. Despite its inexpensive price the TMC-1 features appealing haptics and boasts fine potentiometers, faders and large wheels for sound manipulation. Samples and effects of the supplied software can directly be selected via the numerous control elements.

The Omnitronic TMC-2 is all-in-one solution that combines the benefits of the TMC-1 with a fully-fledged 2-channel audio interface and several finesses. Hence it is possible to route an external line signal (e.g. coming from an iPod) directly to the master output to avoid a complete audio dropout in case of a computer breakdown. The input of the DJ microphone for emceeing and announcements is directly connected to the output and thus does not use up processor resources. What’s more, the interface has two separately controllable outputs for master, booth, and headphones. Additionally, the master signal is available at the recording output.

11045040 OMNITRONIC TMC-1 Top 11045042 OMNITRONIC TMC-2 Top
11045040 OMNITRONIC TMC-1 Front 11045042 OMNITRONIC TMC-2 Front
11045040 OMNITRONIC TMC-1 Back 11045042 OMNITRONIC TMC-2 Back

11045042 Virtual DJ Software

NEW VIDEO: EUROLITE Mobile TwinTop M-200 – LED KLS-200 + LED MAT-Bar-Set

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Mobile light set

Art.Nr. 42109504
– Set consists of Eurolite LED KLS-200, Eurolite LED MAT-Bar, speaker system stand, Eurolite STV-3529 Adapter
– Combines LED flower effect and 4 LED spots
– 2 effects on one stand
– Very powerful thanks to a total of 364 LEDs
– Very room-filling
– Installation is a child play
– Can be assembled by one person in less than 5 minutes
– Space-saving and comfortable transportation
-Requires little space while operation
– Several possibilities for operation: auto mode, sound-to-light or completely via DMX
– Perfect for mobile DJs, bands, solo entertainers
– Delivery includes two carry bags for KLS and MAT-Bar
– Advantages of LED technology: long life of the LEDs, low power consumption, minimal heat emission, defacto maintenance free with brilliant light radiation