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Paint it black!

November 30th, 2011 Posted in General Tags: , ,

Black Cases

Cases don’t have to be merely functional – they are also allowed to be an optical highlight. Such as our new all-blackl hardware cases. Until now, cases like that have only been available at special manufacturers – now, Steinigke offers them as well.

Transporting CD players safely, that’s the meaning behind the two noble black flightcases. Both measure a height of 85 mm and a length of 420 mm (inner dimensions). Just their width differs: the BLHD Type 2 is a bit wider (320 mm compared to 250 mm). Apart from that, the two cases are identic in their first-class quality. Not only considering the looks, also in the matter of workmanship:

7 mm thick multilayered glued plywood, an interior upholstered with foam, a aluminum profile frame (30 mm) with rounded edges, three-leg. Medium-sized steel ball corners, 2 high-quality butterfly locks, padded carrying handles, adopter strips for fitting the respective players and a removable front plate for front-loading CD players.

The all-black cases are available from now on.

CD-Player Tragekoffer, BLHD CD-Player carrying case, BLHD-Typ 1 

CD-Player Tragekoffer, BLHD-Typ 1

CD-Player carrying case, BLHD Typ 2 

CD-Player Tragekoffer, BLHD Typ 2

The Outlook: Fog

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Don’t miss this opportunity: From the 1st until the 31st of December prices of 10 Antari fog machines are reduced. We like to show you which devices have become cheaper. The prices can be checked in the restricted dealer’s area – on the 1st of December. The Power Offer which contains the foggers can already be downloaded.

ANTARI W-508 Fogger  

Antari W-508 Fogger

ANTARI W-510 Fogger  

Antari W-510 Fogger

ANTARI W-515 Fogger  

Antari W-515 Fogger

ANTARI W-530 Fogger  

ANTARI W-530 Fogger

ANTARI X-510II Fogger & Controller X-10II  

ANTARI X-510II Fogger & Controller X-10II

ANTARI X-310PRO Fazer, Controller X-10PRO  

ANTARI X-310PRO Fazer, Controller X-10PRO

ANTARI F-3 Fazer  

ANTARI F-3 Fazer

ANTARI HZ-500E Hazer  

ANTARI HZ-500E Hazer

ANTARI Z-1000II + Z-10 ON/OFF-Controller  

ANTARI Z-1000II + Z-10 ON/OFF-Controller

ANTARI Z-1500II with Controller Z-20  

ANTARI Z-1500II mit Controller Z-20


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Eurolite SLS

It’s the popular KLS which has paved the path for Slim Line Spots. The KLS has been the first successful attempt to replace bulky PAR spots by compact and flat ones – on a bar with 4 spots abreast. As is well known, the concept has been a raving success. As a logic consequence we also transformed the form of single spots – the SLS were born.

Obvious advantages of the SLS: they are slim. Compared to common PAR spots they considerably save space. For this reason they are much more flexible and handy. This is also true for installation, stock ground and transport – for most SLS we sell special cases which are smaller and cheaper than those for PAR spots. In the end, the design can save money.

Meanwhile Eurolite has build up a very rich assortment full of different spots. An assortment which is continuously enlarged. Every delivery finally includes a double bracket enabling an additional use as floor spot. Beside the different sizes of the spots the main differences can be seen in the illuminants. A choice of single LEDs, bicolor, tricolor and quadcolor LEDs is offered.
You can compare the spots in the list below. Read more »

The price you pay!

November 17th, 2011 Posted in General Tags:


Good news for you! We have updated our price list and we were able to reduce some of the articles’ prices. Most of them can be found in the field of LED lighting technology.

Shortly before this year’s final days we have also updated our assortment – a look into the Sale section might be very interesting as many discontinued lines are waiting for you…

Entertainment Mixer from Omnitronic

November 15th, 2011 Posted in OMNITRONIC Tags: , ,

Entertainment Mixer

Very high standards in quality and features for sound devices – this can often be found in the gastronomy industry. A branch including not only restaurants, but also hotels, bars or theme parks.

With its EM series Omnitronic has developed special devices for this industry. Mixers offering highest flexibility and quality in very small mixer casings.

The EM-series presents a variety of connection possibilities and also convinces by an ergonomic design and easy use.
A special housing design and the state-of-the-art construction are further reasons which make the EM-series the first choice for installers.

Here, an overview over Omnitronic’s Entertainment Mixers:

Item no. 10007071

2-channel/24 bit stereo mixer with two USB interfaces
OMNITRONIC EM-180 USB Entertainment-Mixer

Read more »