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Noise protection with the OMNITRONIC SPL-1 Controller with limiter

In Germany, the organisational and legal legislation has changed a lot during the past 10 years. The staff’s qualification in the entertainment industry was completely restructed so that every event must have its own responsible person.

In 1998 and 2007, the guideline for noise protection and the DIN-standard 15905-5 came into force, respectively. Every staff with a social security card is now to be protected against excessive noise by the BGV B3 guideline. The Association of German Discotheques (BDT e.V.) has been training DJs since 2004 in order to sensitize and educate DJs in respect to dealing with loud music and ear damage. Successfull participants can boast with a DJ licence.

These changes are meant to have events carried out and monitored by qualified staff so that neighbours, audience and employed staff will no longer be exposed to excessive noise. This sounds easy in theory, but in not so easily carried out in reality.

It is true that digital loudspeaker controllers like OMNITRONIC’s DXO-series can limit the maximum signal level effectively and protect the settings via password. Furthermore, cost-effective, portable sound-level-meters like the OMNITRONIC SLM-700 can monitor and even record the sound pressure level at the venue and in the neigbourhood. Nevertheless, these measure make sense for individual events or a number of single events, but the authorities do no longer accept such practice in discotheques or other venues with regular events and permantently installed sound equipment. Such locations require highly effective level limits which can be sealed by the authorities.

One solution will be offered by OMNITRONIC’s SPL-1: this system provides a little controller with limiter to be installed between audio mixer and controller or amplifier, respectively. The controller will be connected with a measuring microphone in order to measure the real sound pressure level at the venue. On the frontpanel, the maximum signal level and the operational modes can be adjusted under a sealable cover. Two different “traffic lights” are available for rack installation and wall installation in oder to indicate a too high sound pressure level to the operators and technicians. If the given sound pressure level is exceeded for a longer period of time, the signal will be cut until the input level will be reduced. All connections are installed in a second housing chamber in order to avoid sabotage. If the microphone cable will be cut, the audio signal will immediately be cut.

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-2579" title="10356251b_Omnitronic_SPL-1_Indikator" src="×225.jpg" alt="10356251 OMNITRONIC SPL-1 Indikator" width

10356252 OMNITRONIC SPL-1 Indikator

DIMAVERY sells Perri´s guitar straps, bags and picks

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Perri Gitarrengurte DimaveryWhen it comes to their instruments, guitarists are quite vain. It’s all about style. But shouldn’t style also be important for straps, bags and picks? At least we do think so – that’s why we decided to add the unique products from Perri´s to our assortment.

From now on, more than 30 different straps, three bags and 15 picks, can be ordered. Whether showing AC/DC, Queen or Elvis Presley motifs, whether being air-brushed or screen-printed: this choice has something to offer for everyone.

You like to stand out and show your individuality? Then you should take a closer look at the high-quality creations from Perri in our shop.

26331070 Perri Gitarrengurt 26305040 Perri Picks 26343060 Perri Softbag

Check the PSSO Line Array on site

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You would like to listen to the PSSO Line Array? Now, you’ve got he opportunity. On Monday, September 27 and on Tuesday, September 28 the CLA is installed at our headquarters in Waldbüttelbrunn.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – a saying which is also true for audio systems. That’s why we are offering you the possibility to carefully survey our special version. Just come to Waldbüttelbrunn and get a live impression of the Compact Line Array (CLA).
Just contact Markus Fromm (e-mail: / phone: 0049-931-4061-638) and make an appointment.

You can see and here the same setup like at the Independence Day.

8 pcs. PSSO CLA-118 LINE ARRAY Floor-Subwoofer

4 pcs. PSSO CLA-115 LINE ARRAY Subwoofer

16 pcs. PSSO CLA-228 LINE ARRAY Tops

2 pcs. PSSO HP-1400 Endstufe, 2×700W/4Ohm

3 pcs. PSSO HP-2400 Endstufe, 2×1200W/4Ohm

2 pcs. PSSO HP-3200 Endstufe, 2×1600W/4Ohm

1 pcs. PSSO DXO-48 digitaler Systemcontroller

“The Wall“ live – then and today

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary live concerts “The Wall” in 1980/81, Pink Floyd’s creative head Roger Waters is going to travel the world one more time with his master piece. According to Waters, who turned 67 this month, it could be the final major tour. Concerts are also scheduled in Europe in summer 2011.

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Eurolite’s ML-56 with amber LEDs introduced at Plasa London

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Producing warm colors has always been a problem for LEDs. Eurolite has solved this problem and presents the ML-56 RGBA. In addition to its red, green and blue LEDs this spot also possesses amber-colored diodes. Thanks to the fourth color, users now are much more flexible considering the design and thus the influence on the atmosphere. The ML-56 RGBA makes its first appearance at Plasa London.

With its new ML-56 RGBA, Eurolite now offers a spot with a warmer color temperature – similar to incandescent lights and their red colors. By adding the color amber, which is composed of red and yellow, the ordinary RGB color mixing can be “warmed up” individually with the fourth color. Especially noteworthy are the warm orange tone, harmonious color transitions – from red to green in particular – and the mixture of white, which is similar to incandescent light.

Altogether the ML-56 RGBA has been equipped with 36 LEDs, each with 3 watts power and a beam angle of 30°. It can be operated with four or six DMX channels and is available both in black and silver. The common small DIP switches were replaced by a full menu with display and buttons. In so doing, setting DMX becomes considerably easier and 15 color presets can be adjusted directly at the device.

Compared to normal parcans, the ML-56 RGBA are definitely more robust and hence better suited for the road. A fact which is underlined by the weight. The ML weighs five kilograms and therefore twice as much as parcans. But the spot is very versatile and not limited to mobile use on stages or at exhibitions only. Lounges, bars and clubs can also benefit from its remarkable color mixture.