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Eight tons, eight hours – A new lift truck moves into the high rack warehouse

March 28th, 2013 Posted in DIMAVERY Tags: ,

Everything is new in – march. At least in the high rack warehouse at Steinigke: Recently, a new lift truck moved in there, which had become more and more necessary over time. The two older lift trucks really needed relief.

For constructing the „new one“, not only some helping hands were necessary. Two special trucks were required for moving the new lift truck’s eight tons of mass to the right place. After eight hours of work, the new „colleague“ stood there in its full size.

It doesn’t take eight hours though to watch the video of the truck construction. Here’s the video of the 1:50-minute-round up of the day: Read more »

PSSO PRIME – Club Speaker System

March 21st, 2013 Posted in News, PSSO Tags: , ,

PSSO Prime

PSSO Prime

Sound pressure meets design

The name says it all: The PSSO Prime System is a professional PA system meeting the demands of contemporary club culture. What makes it so unique is the mixture between high quality technical components – all premium drivers come from the French company CELTO Acoustique – and an extravagant design.

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Truss lighting made ​​easy

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Who of us has not ever tried to squeeze PAR cans into his trussing, and failed miserably? Either the lights are too big or they can not be fixed securely and they constantly wiggle . If you have fastened them with small, collected sticks somehow, there is still the problem that you can realize only one color.

Conclusion: PAR cans are not to be used for this application!


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Information on hearing loss

March 14th, 2013 Posted in OMNITRONIC, worth knowing Tags: , ,

More and more young people suffer from hearing loss of 25 decibel or more, mainly caused by loud music from portable MP3 and CD players or discotheques.

Everybody operating amplification systems should know to what sound pressure levels he exposes his or the audience’s hearing. As an average levels between 75 and 105 dB(A) in the discotheque or 95 and 115 dB(A) at a rock concert are reached. Individual peaks can exceed the pain level at 130 dB(A). Such levels are typical for motor chainsaws or jack hammers.


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