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New competition by Steinigke

November 27th, 2009 Posted in General Tags: , , ,

Weihnachtsfrau1Our last Twitter contests finished and the winner has already received their prize from us. Congratulations once again. Of course, we will report the experiences of the winner about his OMNITRONIC MMC-1.

After we and all the participants felt about this idea of a raffle in conjunction with Twitter as well, we have decided to start another sweepstake. This time, the profits will still be a little exuberant participate, so it is worth even more. But this time we will no longer be so easy to emerge victorious. The last game was simply a matter of retweet one tweet, which was set by ourselves. Of course that was easy.

It will not be so easy this time. It is certain that another Twitter account will be necessary. But you should look, if you have already saved our YouTube channel in your bookmarks. Because so much was mentioned here before: it will go, among other things, at one of our videos stored there. You will then see an oddly dressed man, and it will be resolved in any equation.

Whichever style, but the exact procedure, we will announce here and on all of us kept platforms like Twitter, Facebook, News on etc. more precisely. Check us regularly and you can be one of the first players there. Here is a brief overview where you can read about us.

I almost forgot to mention when it starts. I can only say: “Stay tuned …”

LSD curtains as customized versions

November 19th, 2009 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , ,

From now on, the popular LSD curtains are also available in special sizes. They are tailored to your particular needs. The five different pixel pitches do persist, but you can broaden the devices enormously.

The enlargement always follows steps of 16 pixels and that applies to all different LSD versions. So the respective sizes change differently. For the LSD-50 for example, 16 pixels are 80cm whereas for the LSD-37,5 it’s 60cm. When there are any question about the special sizes, just contact our sales department.

The LSD curtains’ great advantage over stiff LED panels are due to the low weight and the compact dimensions. Transport – the curtain can be folded similar to a carpet – as well as installation are alleviated enormously. Thinking of these facts, your configuration should not be oversized, otherwise the LSD’s amenities will not be given anymore. We will be happy to give advice on this subject.

An overview of our EUROLITE media systems you can find here.

Vinyl saved digitally without a PC

November 13th, 2009 Posted in OMNITRONIC Tags: , , , ,

This digitization of old vinyl can already annoying sometimes. Somehow that has always been a bit complicated. Connect USB turntable to your PC, etc. Whenever you have to use a PC, it can be more complicated than it must be.

But the OMNITRONIC DRT-1000 does not need a PC anymore. It offers the possibility to store the music in MP3 format directly too a USB stick or an SD card without a PC connection. That’s what I call comfort.

Additionally, this turntable naturally offers all the advantages of a “normal” turntable. Not to mention there are three speeds, switchable engine with reverse and adjustable anti-skating.

So, out with the old vinyl and digitize up to the bitter end.

OMNITRONIC DRT-1000 Direct rec turntable