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Realize special forms with the Eurolite LED Bow Bar

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Eurolite LED Bow Bar

Perhaps, the EUROLITE LED Bow Bar itself looks a bit unimposing. But plugged in and connected with other Bow Bars it shows an imposing performance. Especially, when the bows are connected and form a circle.

Thanks to the 288 LEDs (96 red, 96 green, and 96 blue ones), each with a diameter of 5 mm, the light output is more than adequate to colorfully illuminate clubs or bars. A bar is split into i 4 segments and 24 subsegments, respectively. They can be controlled via  4, 6, 9, 15, 24 or 27 DMX channels – just how you prefer or the venue demands it.

Beside circles it is also possible to form waves. Therefor, the Bow Bar has to be turned to the appropriate direction and then connected to the previous element. Due to the intelligent mechanism the connection is very firm.

In interaction with the straight EUROLITE LED BAR-384 RGB 5mm you can also place straight passages in the installation – for some doorway arches and the like.

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QCL – The new standard

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In the beginning there was one LED beneath one lens. Mixing colors required different colored LEDs arranged in parallel. But times change and so one LED turned into several. In 2009 multichip diodes for the first time gathered more than one LED beneath a lens and moved the color mixture in the area before the light emission.

The 3in1 or tricolor LEDs with three LEDs beneath one lens became very popular and, for the last two years, standard in some fields of the market. But times change again now. Followers start to spread their wings and to become the new standard. Read more »

CobraNet – Faster and more reliable

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Cobra Net, that’s the solution for complex multi-channel installations for the audio field.

There are many solutions for multi-channel installations but not all of them will prove satisfactory. OMNITRONIC presents with its new CobraNet™ transmitters and processors today’s latest approach opening the door to a faster and more reliable audio solution, because existing local area networks (LAN) can be used.

Today the professional audio branch is often confronted with different needs: Fast working, tight schedules, low budgets and complex tasks must be considered. This balancing act can only succeed with a recent and well-engineered audio technology. CobraNet™ is such a technical solution not only making promises but also keeping them. The system was developed by Cirrus Logic (former Peak Audio) and is a combination of software, hardware and network protocols allowing real-time uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio distribution over a standard Ethernet network. CobraNet™ is transmitted using standard Ethernet packets and a standard network infrastructure – this can be a financial advantage for large-scale audio installations like stadiums or convention centers, because they don’t need to install a new cable system. Read more »

Omnitronic SMA series

September 8th, 2011 Posted in OMNITRONIC


Times when powerful and reliable amps inevitably caused herniated vertebral disks are over. With modern switch-mode power supplies, a weight of less than 10 kilos can easily be realized, even amps with the power of several kilowatts are no exception. Both our top models prove to be weight watchers, they weigh only 9 kilos with an output power of 1500 watts and 2000 watts respectively.

But the power/weight ratio is not the only exemplary feature, workmanship and reliability are on par and have already been praised by the specialized press (Soundcheck, September issue 2010; tools4music issue Oktober/November 2010).

Primarily DJs and musicians benefit from these amenities. But even for technical service providers and installers, the SMA series offers an interesting alternative. This is due to the fact that both top models are very energy-efficient (switch mode and staged supply voltage – Class H circuitry).

An overview of the series:

OMNITRONIC SMA-600 Amplifier (10451082)

OMNITRONIC SMA-1000 Amplifier (10451084)

OMNITRONIC SMA-1500 Amplifier (10451086)

OMNITRONIC SMA-2000 Amplifier (10451088)

Explore the diversity with LED ribbons for outdoor use

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Possibilities are getting more extensive. With its numerous IP LED Ribbons Eurolite now offers light on tape for outdoor use. Altogether, Eurolite presents 10 different ribbons fulfilling the IP44 standard.

The ribbons have a length of 5 meters. Unichrome versions – red, blue, green, yellow, cool white, warm white – are complimented by two in RGB. The single colors can be ordered either with a wide span (150 LEDs) or with a short span (300 LEDs) between LEDs. 12 V or 24 operation, that’s the difference between the RGB versions – LED quantities are always 150. An optional LED regulates controls the brightness and the speed of the RGB LEDs or provides automatic run of 4 color programs.

Supplied on a plastic reel the ribbons feature a self adhesive rear side for simple installation. Color and form can be used as desired as the ribbons are very flexible and adaptable to  really every venue.

EUROLITE LED IP Ribbon H 5m 150 red

EUROLITE LED IP Ribbon H 5m 150 blue

EUROLITE LED IP Ribbon H 5m 150 green

EUROLITE LED IP Ribbon H 5m 150 yellow

EUROLITE LED IP Ribbon H 5m 150 6400K

EUROLITE LED IP Ribbon H 5m 300 6500K

EUROLITE LED IP Ribbon H 5m 150 3000K

EUROLITE LED IP Ribbon H 5m 300 3000K

EUROLITE LED IP Ribbon H 5m 150 RGB 24V

EUROLITE LED IP Ribbon H 5m 150 RGB 12V