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COB on the rise

April 29th, 2013 Posted in EUROLITE, News Tags: , ,

Eurolite PMC-16

It is another affirmation: The Eurolite LED PMC-16 COB was elected the spot of the year and in this way proves, that COB technology is not only accepted on the market, but also the future of LED lighting.

One year ago, Steinigke introduced the new technology at the Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt. And like with every new technology, there was a certain degree of uncertainty at first. After all, it is never predictable, how the market will react to new technology. By now, it is obvious: its the next innovation in LED technology and this is just the start.


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Eurolite’s Pixel Panel awarded Light-Tool of the year

Eurolite Pxel Panel

Readers have decided: Eurolite’s LED Pixel Panel 16 DMX has been voted „Light-Tool of the year“ at the PPVMedia Reader Awards. The ceremony took place in the course of the Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

Awards like this have assumed an even greater importance, explained Thilo Kramny, managing director of PPV. Finally, the prizes were explicitly awarded by readers of the journals. The Eurolite team shares this view and thus is especially excited about the award and sees it as affirmation of the own product concept. Read more »

Eurolite LED PAR-64 RGBA receives top grades in test

July 13th, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , ,

German magazine Soundcheck tested the new LED PAR-64 RGBA spot for its July issue – with best results.

With its new 10 mm LED spot Eurolite finds a remedy for the difficult output of warm colors of conventional LED spotlights. How? With amber colored LEDs in addition to the primary colors red, green and blue: “This creates an additional warm orange color”, the periodical mentions. Thereby, the spot provides “a broader range of colors looking more softly and naturally in the yellow and red spectrum”. Even the usually extreme color transition from red to green can be covered by this diode, the testers observe.
Besides harmonious color transitions, the fourth color has another advantage: “If we mix all colors to a white color, the amber diodes will create a cozy and warm white which is similar to incandescent lights”.

Apart from an outstanding color combination, the new spot offers further advantages compared to conventional devices. The controller persuades the Soundcheck team: “The small DIP switches were replaced by a full menu with display and buttons”. Thereby, the spots allow a considerably easier setting of DMX with more possibilities. For example, much more color mixtures can be adjusted directly at the device: “This is ideal for using the spot as static light without control”. But the spot also persuades the testers in stand-alone operation: There is a larger variety of stand-alone programs with sequences and color changes and they are easier to adjust,” the journal says.

The magazine also tested the matching LED operator 2. One of the especially positive things they noticed was the easy handling – “without any programming effort”: “The handling of the LED operator 2 is really easy and fast to learn – even for novice users”. A special benefit: the operator can control a smoke machine with two DMX channels (by pressing a button). The Soundcheck crew recommends the controller as an excellent “entry-level device”, which is applicable for stages as well as for bars or lounges.
A similar large variety of applications offers the Eurolite LED PAR-64 RGBA spot: “In fact, the spot can be applied wherever the former 300 watt parcan 56s have been used”. For example, by the recommendation of the testers, the spots is ideal for smaller stages and hobby musicians.

With its new RGBA series, Eurolite now offers spots with a warmer color temperature – similar to incandescent lights and their red colors. By adding the color amber, which is composed of red and yellow, the ordinary RGB color mixing can be “warmed up” individually with the fourth color. So it’s not surprising, that also the Soundcheck team was convinced of these advantages – and the RGBA spot passed the testing with top grades.

EUROLITE LED PAR-64 RGBA spot, alu, 10mm


Eurolite LSD-100 is “Light tool of the year”

March 26th, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE, Prolight+Sound, Videos Tags: , , , , ,

Successful start at prolight+sound: On the first day of the exhibition the eurolite LSD-100 curtain was crowned the winner in the category “Light tool of the year“ by the magazine Soundcheck. Readers of the magazine Soundcheck had chosen their favorite products and voted for the LED Soft Display during the last weeks – successfully! The award is of great importance, because instead of a jury, customers themselves made the decision.
It is not for nothing that Eurolite LSD-100 is the readers favorite. The LSDs are flexible curtains with a very low own weight. Even huge surfaces can quickly be mounted by only two persons – to connect the different curtains is a child’s play, by the way. Whether for clubs, halls, open airs, shop windows or exhibitions, the LSD curtains are suitable for any advertising and entertaining purposes. Compared with stiff LED panels the LED Soft Displays can be installed and disassembled quickly – ideal conditions for mobile use.

A video of the ceremony:

More videos of our EUROLITE LSD – LED Soft Displays you can find on YouTube.

EUROLITE LED Scanner TSL-100 convinces in test

January 8th, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , , ,

There is no denying the result: “All in all, the TSL-100 LED Scan convinces in every aspect.” For its issue to be published on 14 September the magazine Soundcheck tested the new scanner rigorously and gave top grades for the participant. What makes the EUROLITE TSL so special is the illuminating power together with the price, a fact that the trade magazine equally agreed on. According to the testers, currently there are very few LED-run spot lights in this price category that are able to project gobos precisely and with high light output. The EUROLITE LED Scan TSL-100 easily competes with the class off 250 watt halogen devices, states the magazine. No wonder the testers come to a completely positive result in which they praise the good workmanship, the great price performance ratio, the enormous luminosity and the low current consumption! Read more in the next issue of Soundcheck. If you would like to have more information on the TSL visit our website